Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 2.26.22

Hello Incognito Supporters,

Great News! We have decided to start sending out weekly newsletters again. We understand not everyone can or wants to check over the forum for the latest and greatest regarding Incognito. Therefore, we will start sending out weekly emails with summaries regarding growth, developments, app upgrades, changes, etc. Links will be included to the corresponding forum posts for further in-depth reading.

Buckle up, this email is going to be rather lengthy as there have been a lot of developments to cover since the last email.

Before we jump into it, we have released an updated and extensive Q1 2022 Roadmap. This email will include a lot of the points off of this roadmap as summaries, I encourage everyone to check out the post: Incognito’s Q1 2022 Update.

Recent Developments

App Version 5.1.3 - The devs have been hard at work to optimize the app and this effort has really paid off. The app is now extremely responsive with minimal lag. App users who have not used the app in a while need to ensure they are on the latest v5.1.3.

Committee for Coin Verification - Incognito has formed a 5 member committee to handle the verification of new custom coins. Learn who the committee members are and understand how and why each member was selected. Read the announcement. Also, to verify a custom coin on Incognito, there are new criteria to follow that were created by our committee, read the criteria here.

Privacy Markets

  • Exchange Liquidity Mining - Users can earn rewards for providing liquidity and making trades. To see a breakdown of the estimated APR percentages and to find out more, read this post.

  • New pairs added to the Incognito exchange - BPRCY/PRV, WPRCY/PRV, PPRCY/PRV, DAF/PRV, DAF/BNB.

Privacy Apps

  • pPancake - Incognito has deployed private access to PancakeSwap. pPancake can be found in the app under the Apps menu button.

  • pPancake Mining Rewards - Get rewarded for trading anonymously on the Incognito pPancake.

  • Incognito <> Polygon Bridge - Provide all benefits of the Polygon network (low fees, faster ETH transactions, etc) while benefiting from Incognito’s privacy. Feel free to ask questions on the forum discussion.


Upcoming Developments

Privacy Apps

  • pUniswap - The development has been completed. The quality control team is reviewing for any bugs or issues prior to releasing to the community.

  • pCurve - Work has begun on the backend services to bring Curve to Incognito as a privacy app (pApp).

  • Fantom Bridge - The smart contract has been deployed to testnet and the code is being reviewed for bugs prior to being sent to the quality control team.


  • Automatic Protocol Update - We’re proposing an approach that allows chains to enable a new feature if and only if the majority of nodes agree on that feature. In addition, outdated nodes might be aware of the newly enabled feature, then notify the node operators to update their nodes via system log.

Growth Efforts

Incognito Listings - We have made a post to show the status of listing Incognito (PRV) on various exchanges. This post will be updated routinely and as things develop.

Coin/Project Partnerships - The same as the listings post we also have a coin/partnership post detailing efforts to bring new coins/projects to Incognito.

Incognito Twitter - We have begun to be more active on our Twitter account. If you are not already following us please consider doing so to help organic growth.

Thank you!


Well done, it’s like you removed a sleep(15s) in every function call. :relaxed:

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Will you also publish them in Telegram or any RSS service?

The weekly newsletter is posted on the forum, and an email with the same content is sent out as well. FYI @J053