Weekly Privacy Newsletter 10/20/20


Hey everyone!

The past week zoomed by, and brought with a lot of updates! Here’s your big week-in-review:

Member updates

  • Join the competition to design the new Incognito T-Shirt. The winning design will be included with every Node Tree purchase!

  • We made some changes to the requirements for builder rewards to make sure builders that are working hard can earn what they deserve.

  • There are new community projects! Check out Whalebot and ENSI, two useful new Telegram/Twitter bots!

  • PRV got listed on ViteX, and as such is now available to trade/hold off-chain.

  • PRV market data has been added to Blockfolio!

Core development

That’s it for this week’s update! See ya around we.incognito.org as you share your thoughts, find support, and stay up to date.

Have a peaceful week!