Weekly Privacy Newsletter 10.13.22

Quick Take

  • :desktop_computer: Web-based Products: The wallet extension and web-based swap have been launched, please check out the announcement and give those a try at https://incognito.org/.

  • :building_construction: Infrastructure: The blocktime reduction (50%) and pEthereum improvements have been implemented on mainnet. Due to those, Incognito users now have a much better UX.

  • :globe_with_meridians: Community: We need your support! If you have any idea for Incognito on what we can improve or join any privacy communities, please share with us!

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Technical Developments :construction_worker_man:


Web-based Product

  • The wallet extension and web-based swap have been launched. Now, you are having one more option to perform anonymous swaps. Please check out the announcement and give those a try at https://incognito.org/.

Growth Efforts :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Our team has been discussing with privacy advocates, new projects, and retouch current partners to explore other collaborations for the newly launched products - The web-based swap and wallet extension.

We also have applied for a Grant with Presearch and are waiting for the result. Everyone who holds the PRE token can vote for us!

Furthermore, we are considering more options such as On-ramp Service Integration which is under discussion.

Need your help :pray:

Incognito ís looking for ideas and community support in finding other potential privacy communities who are privacy-minded to jointly deliver value to crypto worlds. So if you are building one or being in those communities wanting to grow the network, feel free to let us know! You can contact @Jayce_Nguyen or @david248

That’s all for this week’s update. Thank you everyone for your contribution to the network and community.

See you around :wave:


Hi @Jayce_Nguyen and @david248 (Growth Team) ,

I went to the latest Weekly Update from Presearch (see below) in search for how to vote, but it didn’t say.

Can someone on the Growth Team please follow up with Presearch and then post an Article to this forum with instructions on how to vote?

I really do think this we have a very good chance at winning this $100K Advertising Grant.


BTW, @Jared, if we win this grant, you should tell the Devs (on your next call) that they should add PRE tokens to the Incognito Wallet. Afterall, they are a Pro-Privacy Decentralised Search Engine.


Not from the Growth Team but :raising_hand_man: Acc. to https://news.presearch.io/presearch-launches-1-million-advertising-grant-program-666ff1afc120, it begins on 17th October.


Thx @abduraman.

Hey @Jared, @duc, @david248, @Jayce_Nguyen (& others on the Growth Team)

The CEO of Presearch, Colin Pape, just provided an update (~1 hour ago) on the $1M Ad Grant via Youtube - https://youtu.be/9SYRMJjglJM?t=146

Below is the slide where he goes over the latest (in ~5mins)

Interesting thing to note, is if you have 1,000 PRE tokens your vote will be amplified 10 fold.

For those wanting to buy some PRE tokens, I found this article :-

We shall learn more about the voting process next week.

Let’s rally together Incognito family and let’s vote up this project to win this Advertising Grant. The funding will go a long way towards educating privacy-minded folks about this amazing privacy-focussed platform and community.


Hey mate, how are you doing!

Happy to know you’re among the ones wanting to be side-by-side with us to win this grant. As informed by Presearch Core Team, instructions on Voting and the timeline for Voting Round will be announced on Monday Oct 17. Information is going to be public at https://news.presearch.io/

When we have the detail, we will call for community support so no worry about it. I read their latest update and seem like they’re creating usecase for PRE by leveraging the voting right for those holding most of it, but let’s see what they answer my questions. Will keep you guys posted.


Did you break https://incognito.org/earnings/validator in the recent site update?


Thank you for reporting this @fredlee. It was a redirect issue. This has now been fixed.