Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 1.26.21

When I first got involved in crypto five years ago (I’m still practically a crypto baby!), everyone told me it would be two decades before we saw mass adoption.

Last year, everyone told me it would be a decade before we saw mass adoption.

Now, institutions are buying up Bitcoin. Crypto payment gateways are becoming common. Governments are actively figuring out their regulative stance and taking crypto seriously. Things are moving faster than we thought.

Incognito is going to be the default privacy layer for the crypto economy, so we need to stay ahead of the game. Big things are in store, and these weekly updates are just a brief snapshot of the past. Join us in staying ahead at we.incognito.org.

Member updates

Development updates

  • The HD Wallet feature is officially live! Old funds are in your masterless keychains.

  • If your nodes have disappeared, don’t fear! Just update your app and add them again. See more.

  • Check out the January updates for LSB, including recovery options and better security.

  • There’s a new quality assurance progress update.

January is drawing to a close, and a new month is upon us. That means big announcements are coming soon! Stay tuned.

Have a surprising week,