Weekly Privacy Newsletter 09/22/20

Hey everyone!


One of our most exciting updates to share this week is the recent release of the latest version (3.9.3) of our app. This has a number of new features and improvements.

Unshield and Send are now merged into one. The app will automatically recognize if you’re making an in- or out-network transaction. We’ve also added smart contract support for unshielding requests for both ETH and ERC20 tokens. And as we’ve shared last week, new Provide rates have already taken effect. There are a bunch of other new improvements, so have a read of all the details here.

Member updates:

  • Come have your say as part of the community! Help narrow down the eligible Builders Rewards products for this month’s final voting list by taking a quick user poll here!

  • Check out our latest video, where we explore the pros and cons of 3 ways to buy BTC anonymously. Watch it here.

Core developments:

See you all again next Tuesday!