Weekly Privacy Newsletter 08/11/20

Ready for your weekly dose of Incognito? Let’s get to it.

Member Updates:

  • If you missed the PRV holders call last week, we got you. Here’s a recap.
  • Hey Providers - to ensure this feature runs as smoothly as possible, your earnings will now update every hour. APY remains unchanged. New to Provide? Start here.
  • pKyber fees have increased alongside Kyber’s, fixed for now at 21 PRV per trade. More information here.
  • Media-minded? A community video contest has just kicked off. Check it out.

Core developments:

  • One more milestone this week! pDEX 24h trading volume has reached an all time high – just over $161,000. Not too shabby.
  • Many of us are currently focused on our internal code audit. Check out the public schedule and follow our progress here.

That’s it from me this week. Would love to hear from you – let’s continue the conversation here on we.incognito.org.


It was also announced on the call that there will be network fees charged for unshielding.

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Hi @marko, we’re now still working on finalizing a new fee structure for unshielding transactions. It’s estimated to be applied soon. We will keep the community updated once it’s ready to release.

This would be a good spot to update the community about the 200+ nodes that were added by the dev team.

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Please make sure we can control what fee we want to pay. Different transactions have different needs, some need to go fast and some can go slow. Whatever you decide, please make sure that we have control over the network fees.