Weekly Earning Statistics for 12 vNodes - Week Ending Aug 01, 2020

As promised, I’m starting to share my weekly node earnings, similar to how another community member started earlier this year. @Mike_Despo - thank you for inspiring me to do this! :slight_smile:

Averages of the recent 7 weeks:
Average Earnings per Node (per week) = 26 PRV (~$21)
APY = 78% (calculated using average weekly PRV rewards relative to investment $ value of 1750 PRV staking fees)


I’ll add more general information and charts to this post in the following weeks, please feel free to ask any questions.

Disclaimers and Notes:
1 - I don’t work for Incognito.org and these stats are my personal account of factual experiences. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee similar earnings on your nodes. Please use this as a reference guide to make your investment decisions by considering all associated risks.
2 - This post is not to be taken as investment advise and there are no guarantees (correlation doesn’t lead to causation)!
3 - I’ve calculated the $ amounts by bench marking the market rate on Sunday of the most recent week using https://incscan.io/pdex/markets
4 - Although this project will continue to need validators in the near future, it is important to note that the reward rate will not stay consistent. All metrics like APY and related benefits will most likely deplete over time as the project matures. If your goal is to just make money with high returns, this project is probably not the right fit. At least that’s how I see it.

I hope this post helps some of the new validators on the network! :slight_smile:


got some bad luck with number 7

Yeah, but node7 finally got selected earlier this week! :slight_smile:

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What are the cost of each vnode? And how much are you staking into?
Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Hey there.

This might be of good help. https://incognito.validator.services/


Hello @pierandrea,

I’m using various VPS providers for my nodes (AWS, NameCheap, Hostgator, Contabo and Vultr). Each provider has different pricing, but my average cost comes out to about $15 per month, per node. I’m staking 1750 PRV in each node.

As Chucky indicated, the tool below will help you play with some numbers:


Thanks for the numbers.
Will you update every month?

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Hello @Rat
Yes - I will update at least twice a month or so.


Great! Happy someone else is posting too, so we can cross compare.


FYI - I updated the post with the recent two weeks of data! :slight_smile:

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