Website sending me XMR

From the start, I bought something off a website and it says that they have refunded the XMR weird thing is that 15 hours later I saw a transaction detail saying shield and it is pending but it is not recieving but sending and there is no amount. I didnt send any XMR after I send to the website. Also another thing I wanna ask is when a company send XMR will the XMR send to my address will recieved automatically or must I shield it?image image

People can only send coins to your Incognito wallet from outside the Incognito chain by using a shielding address you generated and provided them with.

Any other way will involve a dev to take a look. Send a personal message to the Support account. They will tell you what is possible and what to do.


correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you should NOT be sending/receiving crypto to third parties into/out-of your incognito wallet.
if you need to send crypto OUT for a payment, use a software wallet like Atomic for desktop, or TrustWallet for mobile or MetaMask for web3/mobile/desktop combo.
send crypto from incognito out to that wallet, then use that external wallet to send payments.

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