Web v.2

Objective: a useful home for Incognito.


2 months (June-July)

Key results:

Restructure forum for better communication (June 4)
Integrate basic landing page and migrate forum to subdomain (mid July)
Integrate dynamic landing pages (end July)


While the forum will continue to remain the heart of the privacy conversation, the team will experiment with bringing back a simple landing page with a simple message. We will also deploy some functionalities that increase engagement and lay the groundwork for increasing self-governance.

This picks up on these earlier initiatives:

1. Increase engagement on incognito.org
2. Open-source incognito development


here’s an update on what’s new on the forum, and a quick note prepping you guys for the new front page coming soon:

new forum layout

reorganized the categories a couple of weeks ago, according to different ‘roles’ in the Incognito ecosystem. Users, Validators, Builders, etc. we’ve seen fewer ‘lost’ users/posts, and things generally seem tidier, but let me know what you think. thanks @aaron for helping out with the pinned site maps.

did anyone find a bug?

i’ve tweaked the Bug Finder badge – now anyone who reports a bug in the User or Validator bug categories will receive a badge and a small reward if their topic is liked by a moderator. Remember to post in the respective bug-report subcategories, or the badge won’t be triggered. thanks for helping us fight bugs!

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 22.44.49

a new front page

we’re currently building out the new front page of incognito.org – you should see it live on the site within the next week or so.

in February, we got rid of our traditional website and moved the conversation front and center. it really helped Incognito grow in the bumpy early stages, and built a really wonderful community of early adopters and builders.

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 22.17.51

now that Incognito’s getting quite a few new eyeballs every day and product offerings are more stable, it might be time to revisit the traditional format and deliver a utility-focused, simple message for newcomers. no bells or whistles, the aim is pretty straightforward – get them to download the app and start using Incognito.

the forum will of course, still be easily accessible from the front page. it’s what incognito’s really about. :v:


@ning :wave:t6: :+1:t6:


So moving the forum to the subdomain happened, but it seemed to come out of the blue. This :thread: hasn’t been updated in awhile, I only found it because of @Chucky the community could really use some communication around change management for the core products.

I started a thread about it at Dedicated Announcement Channel


@Josh_Hamon - agreed. We are also working on our internal communications so we are all in sync.

We currently have the telegram announcement chat, but could certainly do a better job at maintaining it. Will also be adding a ‘noticeboard’ in the app so users can keep track of what’s new and what’s coming.

Thanks for being patient and constructive!


Good approach with the landingpage. But when I click on community within the app I expect to go to the forum instead the landingpage. Maybe this could be fixed.


For sure @sato, will be done within the next few hours!


Perfect. Really great to see all the good work. Awesome community and project here.


What’s the link for the telegram channel?

Heres the link https://t.me/incognitochain

Trying to catch up on a lot of missed posts today.

Got this little chuckle when I hit 20? topics opened in 30 seconds – slow_down

Was good for a laugh when I needed one. Thanks!

(BTW the rest of the topics opened just fine after a waiting a few moments.)

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That’s not an announcement channel. An announcement channel would be helpful because it wouldn’t get cluttered with questions, comments, airdrop requests, etc.


Oh i missunderstood and thought you were asking for the telegram channel. Yes i do agree maybe a telegram channel would be a good start.

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Sometime I’m also face this problem. :neutral_face:


Yes, we.incognito.org will be the new location of the forum. incognito.org will now be a spiffy landing page, as @ning notes in the OP above.

The Incognito web devs are working hard to make the migration, so please bear with them as they work through any issues that arise such as forum post link migration and external link redirection.

The community tab of the Incognito app will be receiving some attention so that it will work with the new URL schema.

Thank you for your patience.

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Just wait a few minutes, then refresh the pages that didn’t load content.

I’m not sure where the ratelimit is set to trigger that warning, but suffice to say if you keep simultaneous page loads under 20 or so, you shouldn’t see that warning. And if you do … just wait 5 minutes or so, then load the rest of the pages.