We Made It! Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to the Bottom. :grin::see_no_evil::chart_with_downwards_trend:

I feel it is safe to say PRV coin has finally leveled out and reached the bottom. We are seeing resistance at the mid 50¢ range.

As long as the dev team doesn’t come out with anymore bombshell overnight changes (as previously seen with the pStake rate change and drastically changing how liquidity is rewarded) then we should see a longterm slow and steady growth.

What are your thoughts on this? Vote now.

  • We’ve Reached the Bottom
  • PRV will Continue to Drop

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Once the number of nodes being unstaked drops below 50 or so, I’ll be convinced we’ve hit the bottom. Right now there’s still 119 being unstaked which is a potential 208,250PRV to be sold. (I’m sure not all of it is being sold, but you catch my drift.)

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 1.55.19 PM

Definitely looking forward to that climb back upward though!


The number of nodes unstaking has been falling over the last week, which is hopeful but as @Mike_Despo points out, that’s a lot of PRV that will likely be sold.


A lot of PRVs which will be sold are not my main concern. I hope the people who are owners of unstaked nodes do not harm the reputation of the project.


All the crypto market and stock market is in free fall since this morning.
When I check the PRV price on the incognito app the pdex price is still at 0.565149.
I believe this is a good projet. Lets keep our PRV.


Hodlers unite! :grin::lock:


Officially at only 39 nodes left to unstake. With the small uptick lately in PRV price, I want to restate we’ve made it to the bottom guys!

I think this recent drop has really helped with 2 things. The first thing being an exit for users who are not long term for this project and the second being a good entry point for those of us who have been here for a while. I personally have added several vNodes.


Wow. Someone just bought $10,000 usd worth of PRV! Nice 2 - 3 cent spike from that alone!