Watch the June PRV Holders Call

Did you miss the PRV Holders call last Wednesday? Watch it here:

In this call, @Andrey goes through a slideshow detailing May results and targets for June, and he even showed a demo of a new app design! As always, there was a Q&A session at the end. We also gave away 5 of @Joe_Moffett’s Incognito t-shirts! You’ll definitely want to be at the next one.

When should we have the next one?

Share your preferred hours (and time zones) at this post!


I don’t agree with the coming complete re-design of the app. I am not against it now when its ready, but it makes me sad.

The initial app design was great visually, only the UX needed to improve. Now the app is loosing all its charm.

A good UX designer would have fixed the original app in a few weeks with development included.

We waited months for this re-design we didn’t wanted, while pKyber, pUniswap & pDapps are still unreleased.


Can you provide link? It is missing.

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Is the YouTube link missing? It shows on my screen. You may have to refresh.

I think ad blockers and browsers like Brave might be suppressing the link, @aaron. Once I turned off some things, I was able to see the link you posted.

@raz, if you have any blockers, that could be why you don’t see it. Here it is as preformatted text:


Interesting. I’m using brave+duckduckgo+adblock as well, but either way, thanks for commenting the link for anyone who can’t see it! :slight_smile:

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Hey @raz, I’s you can use it as opportunity. If you do not like the UI, just build your own wallet and get a piece of Builder rewards

Once you build and keep maintain a coll new wallet, you will be receiving part of the builders pool every month. I think it’s a very good opportunity for everyone who could build cool things on top or Incognito (wallet, dex, defi, e-commerce, payment, stable coins, anything which could benefit the community)


yea, i like current home screen

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