Watch ONLY mode for INCOGNITO Wallet

I would like to propose , if is this possible for INCOGNITO, to build a watch - only mode for the Incognito wallet.

When we import a keychain is needed a private key but there is not the option to import a public key

For example this would be useful if we have the wallet on another phone (cold storage) and we want just to watch the activities inside the wallet.
I think would be a nice improvement for those looking for higher security.
Is this realizable ipotetically?


There is a Readonly key that can be used for that when using a script. It is not utilized in the app.

Can you stick to the Community Ideas category to share ideas, improvements?
The Builders category is for people who are actually going to build/develop something themselves.


ok sorry i didn’t know that

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Watch only wallet would be nice. Even better would be the hardware wallet integration. I hope it comes soon. I know the team is working on it but I would really sleep better if we would have it already :sweat_smile: