[Wanted] Integrate Incognito into Signal, Telegram, Element, Keybase

Hey builders!

Pretty sure you heard about Signal, community around this messenger talks about ideas to bring crypto into their ecosystem. I think Incognito is the best possible option to be integrated in the privacy-focused messenger.

To push this idea to Signal users and the core team, we need to have a working demo (generate a private key, receive and send functions).

Looking for devs who will be able to make it happen on one of the available platforms (iOS, Android, or Desktop) https://github.com/signalapp

Beside the Signal, integration with other privacy messengers will be highly appreciated.


Have you taken keybase into account? Imo they are more blockchain and cryptographic based since they allow pgp and sending of coins from user to user, also they have many bots builders make for the platform

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WhatsApp integrated centralized p2p payments in India

From decentralization and privacy perspective Signal + Incognito 10x better solution.


FYI: Hi all :loudspeaker:

Any builder who takes on this wanted initiative will be added to the Builder Rewards program, and join in the monthly vote. :slight_smile:

So, how to get on-board with this program? Check out the detailed instruction here >

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Integrate Incognito into Signal (PoC) :grin:


Nice! Welcome to the Builder club, @andireuter :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

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We (me and several engineers from 482.solutions) started to Integrate Incognito into Telegram. Check out the updates here.