Wallet restore

Guys, this system of is really complex and not user friendly, even for tech savvy people.

My phone is giving me trouble and I want to take it in for repairs, so I tried to restore my incognito wallet on a different phone. I thought I did it correctly (using my 12 words), it seems to have worked, but my balances don’t show. What am I doing wrong? This is very technical!

Don’t worry. As Incognito implemented the new recovery seed feature, we moved from a private key method to recovery seed.

If you had your coin, and you created the wallet with the private key you have to import it and then switch under keychain to from Master Keys to Masterless keys.

What is it your case… Did you create the wallet with the 12 words seed or previously with the private key?

I created it with the 12 word seed

I don’t understand how to switch from master keys to masterless keys?

Check out this post. It explains the whole system and process.

You will find the master and masterless phrases on the Keychain tab.

The 12 word seed will restore the accounts that were created after the seed phrase system was put in place. Your accounts (holding funds) were most likely created before that.

You can either import your accounts manually, or create new accounts (which will be covered by the seed phrase) and move the funds to those new accounts.

It is not a bad idea to save both, the seed phrase and the private keys of the accounts.