wallet is painfully slow it's frustrating

Wow now i need to wait 2 minutes for switching in menus and when i click on just a case lmaooo i wait 5 minutes and sometimes for nothing !!!
Before the update it was already extremely slow and asks many ressources on the phone devs said yes we will optimise that but now it’s worse, and when a desktop wallet ? because maybe on a intel I7 laptop ill can trade normally ??


Web wallet is on the roadmap due for release this quarter. Devs are prioritising on optimising the app.

A third party developer also intends to release their web wallet. Beta version to be released on Feb 2022



Yes it got super slow after the recent updates. Taking me 3 to 4 min just to switch between wallets. I think the Devs are working on it. Theres another post dedicated to making changes on the app, might want to go chime in over there.


The app is painfully alow for me as well. It seems to hangup/freeze for about 30 seconds any time I try to switch between menus. It is very frustrating.

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The thing I’ve noticed mostly is changing accounts / keychains is quite slow. Changing across menus is quick for me though? Refreshing prices & assets in a wallet takes a while.