Wallet features - homepage, address book, face ID

What privacy problem are you solving?

The Incognito Wallet app has been around for almost 6 months and has enabled the community to do a lot of activities with their crypto assets privately. However, there are still some limitations to the app in terms of UI & UX.

  • The app does not give users the go-incognito vibe when they deposit their coins to the wallet.
  • The app is not very interactive, users can not interact with the community within the app.
  • Users are still confused with some in-app activities: withdraw/send, deposit/receive.
  • The app does not allow users to save the addresses of those they make transactions with on a frequent basis.
  • Out-dated on-boarding screens, un-attractive app-opening screens.
  • Users can not feedback directly in-app.
  • Users can not know when there’s something new to update in the community tab within the app.

What is the solution?

Realizing how inconvenient the above drawbacks of the app might be for users, we propose to make some big changes to the app to make sure users have the best possible experience with Incognito Wallet. The coming changes are:

  • Integrate Incognito.org within the app, inside the community section on the bottom bar, where users can get updates about all the latest news, contribute ideas, give help & get help.

  • Create a homepage for the main activities inside the app where users can have a clear sense of what they can do immediately as they open the app.

  • Add an address book, where users can save frequent receivers’ wallet addresses and send with ease in the future.

  • Add biometrics login.

  • Update on-boarding flash screens.

  • Update app-opening loading screen.

  • Feedback in-app.

  • Reddot noti for Community in-app.

Which solutions do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

Before the changes:

  • Without a clarification of key action buttons: Users reach out to the community on Telegram to ask for the difference between send/withdraw, receive/deposit.
  • Without Discourse community integrated in-app: Whenever users need support with the app, they have to either look it up on the website themselves, or wait for their questions to be answered in the telegram community.
  • Without the address book: Users have to copy the address every time they need to make a transaction, even to a frequent receiver.
  • Without biometric login: Users have to type manually the passcodes which takes longer for them to log in the wallet.
  • Without feedback in-app: Users can not feedback directly at the moment they face the issue. If the feedback option is available in-app, we can increase the amout of feedbacks to better improve the product.
  • Without Reddot noti for Communit: Users do not know when to check the community tab since there’s tehy do not know if there’s anything new to check. Reddot will show up in the Community icon everytime there’s a new topic posted. This will increase the engagements for Incognito Community.

Who are you?

I’m @henry, a growth team member who loves delivering the best experience for users. However, I alone cannot pull this off, and there are many more talented people behind this:

Why do you care?

When it comes to making a great product, there are 2 key aspects to consider:

  1. Does the value of the product relate closely to the users’ needs?

  2. Can users use the product with ease?

While the wallet is already great, I believe there is so much we can do to improve the product following the above 2 directions.

What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

The plan is simple, to roll out the aforementioned changes for the app. Below are the specific changes and deadlines:

Deliverable Ship Date
New homepage 2nd March, 2020
In-app community 2nd March, 2020
Address book 30th March, 2020
Face ID 15th March, 2020

What’s your budget?


Resource Price Quantity Monthly cost
Mobile front-end engineer 1000 PRV 3 3000 PRV
Product manager 2,000 1 2,000 PRV
Subtotal 5000 PRV


Resource Price Quantity Monthly cost
Mobile front-end engineer 437.5 PRV 3 1312.5 PRV
Quality control 437.5 PRV 1 437.5 PRV
Subtotal 1750 PRV

|Total (2 months, Product manager only in Feb)|||6,750 PRV|

Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

There has already been a discussion about this topic. Please find it here New version of Incognito App: More intuitive, more convenient

Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

Let us know what else we should build for the Incognito Wallet app. I’d be happy to discuss in the comment section below.


Awesome proposal!

But what do you mean by this?

Also, what would it take to include not just a price chart for PRV, but one for the other supported coins as well?

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Hi Aaron, regarding the “go-incognito vibe”, it’s about the new “Shield” action in the app, which was previously “Deposit”. “Shield” gives users the feeling of their crypto assets are being secured, rather than just moving the asset from one place to another (which was presented by “Deposit”).

We will also build the price chart for other supported coins in Incognito Wallet as well, but it’s gonna be in May, and this proposal is only up till the end of April. We’ll keep you updated with our coming proposals in the future.

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Oh I get it, thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to the updates!

The project is fully funded, so I have moved it to the right category “work in progress”. Please share your February update with the community! @henry

We’ve been working on the new UI & delivered the new version by the end of Feb. So I’d love to share our progress

  • New homepage
  • In-app community


  • Address book: coming soon in March.

@henry thanks for the update. Funds have been disbursed for Feb. We will continue disburse every subsequent week dependent on progress, so keep us updated.

Last week we fixed:

  • Rewards are shown incorrectly for pNode
  • The app crashes when tapping “send” on the Home UI
  • Balance is insufficient in the pDEX
  • New account is duplicated with the previous ones

New updates:

  • Update the error message
  • Update the text for Send/ Receive feature
  • Place popular tokens on top of the list
  • Regular staking for pNode operator

Todolist this week:

  • Deploy Address book
  • Update new loading screen, new welcome splash screens
  • Remove amount input from Shield & Receive out network.
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thanks for the update henry! looks like you guys are getting a ton done - can you flesh out this section to reflect that?

Hi Ning, I just updated the to-do-list. Besides Address Book, this month we are gonna add:

  • Face ID recognition for iPhones.
  • Remove the amount filling step in Shield & Receive Out Network
  • Update the on-boarding Flash Screens guide
  • Update the loading screen everytime we open the app.

Last week we:

  • Deployed Address book
  • Removed amount input from Shield & Receive out network.
  • Face ID

Make sure your app is updated to the latest version to check out the new feature.

Todolist this week:

  • Deploy new app-opening loading screen
  • Draft & deploy new on-boarding Flash Screens

Mr @henry is there any progress for the past week ?

@henry thanks for the update in the last 2 weeks. i would be really curious to understand how these features work… (1) face id recognition (2) address book. do you guys have a walk through or a topic explaining how it works?

Sure, I’ll share with the community how those features work in a separate topic.

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Hi guys. You’ve been doing a great job with the app and I wanted to acknowledge that. There’s lots of good improvements we keep getting.

Through my own experience, and also getting feedback from other users, especially new users that I interact with on Telegram who I DM to help them when they are onboarding, here is some feedback:

The homescreen when you open the app can really be confusing. There’s a lot of different buttons now and it says “pApp”, “Power”, “Shield”, etc. But it seems that there’s too much going on and it’s hard to know what each button actually means until you click into it and see. For a new user, there’s too much you need to know and research before you know what most of these buttons mean.

I think having a much much simpler interface would be really powerfully effective. Like just 3 clearly defined options:


I think this is super, super important for brand new users. I think they need to open the app and see something that looks remarkably simple, and invites them to make their first transaction.

Then, once they make their first transaction, they can start to discover and play with other features.

For example, maybe a tab could be added to the bottom of the homescreen that says “EXPLORE”, and from there they can have more options/buttons like:

Start NODE (with link to vNode setup instructions or pNode website)

But my main feedback is that I really think the main screen on the app when you open it could afford to be super, super, simple, as in the examples given above, with just 3 options that are loud and clear, attractive, inviting, but most of all: incredibly, incredibly simple.

As it is right now, there is a redundancy of buttons. I think that was designed maybe to help users, but I actually think it makes it more confusing with too many buttons. Like, for example, there is “Buy PRV” and also “Trade” - but both of those bring you to the pDEX. There could just be one button that says “Trade/BuyPRV” I do think it’s smart that it no longer says “pDEX,” which a new user wouldn’t understand.

Also there’s a button for “pApp”. As a new user: 1) Is it necessary to know and have that on my main screen? 2) Not even sure what it is until I click on it. It’s confusing looking at a main screen with too many things a new user doesn’t immediately understand. If our main message to get across is “Shielding Your Crypto” - it’s good to not have too many other messages being sent at once.

Lastly, there’s a “Power” button. Also don’t know what this means, if I’m a new user. Like I suggested above, maybe it could say Start Node, or maybe Buy Node, and also be added to the “EXPLORE” tab if we have one at the bottom of the screen.


Wow, I think there are many valid points there. We also realized that as we scale up the amount of coming features in the future, the more buttons there will be and the more confusing it becomes for new users.

We are working on the new Homepage set of icons and structure to make it as easy for user to understand and explore around as possible. I’ll make sure to inform you about the new UI in the coming weeks. Thanks Mike.

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We’ve delivered the KPIs for this month. Belows are the detailed topics on each new feature that we released. Excited to receive feedbacks from everyone to make the product better everyday.


nice job henry. i think it would be cool to collate user feedback here (across all channels) and maybe start a few polls to see which features/amendments will be the most useful. would also love to see rationales/thought processes from the app team behind each new feature update.

thanks @henry, @tien, @keresh93v, @phathoang ad @Mo_Incognito – looking forward to seeing what April brings. :100:

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