Voting for 1 new cryptocurrency each month

Hi all! i’m back to suggest an idea based on the fact that many users would like to add new cryptocurrencies on incognito.
We could add a new coin each month, based on a vote.
People could express in this topic which cryptocurrency(ies) they would like the most to be present here.
So the elected cryptocurrency will be the next to be added in incognito.
Like that the dev core energy could be spent on the most desired user’s wishes… And as always: more cryptocurrencies = biggest community.


So i start with my own desires:

  • XRP
  • AVAX


I don’t think Incognito DEX is popular enough to make other big community care about us, but it’s a great idea, i think we can start from some medium community coin like ADA … or top 20-100 coin on coinmarketcap


@Edy More cryptocurrencies availables will bring back more users. And obviously the elected coin will be popular enought to figure in the top 100.

This is already supported but you have to use Binance Chain.

It’s different

I know but it is easier than waiting for the team to implement the bridge between Incognito and Ripple chains :slight_smile:

I think trx need to official on Incognito i love to trade Tron.

Same answer above :slight_smile: Btw, @andrey @ning, don’t you think to put use existing BEP2 bridge more effectively? For example, some rewarding for BEP2-pegged XRP, TRX etc. via Provide or adding some liquidity for these pegged coins directly to pDEX.

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@abduraman I don’t have the sufficient knowledge to evaluate the size of the works to add XRP.

After more reflexions i’m agree with both of you @abduraman ans @Edy.
There might happen another issue too:
The risk of Inscuffiscient funds.
Let’s be patients, privacy grows :wink:

Pirate Chain (ARRR)