Vote for your favorite August Community Product!

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the official August Builders Rewards!

First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted in the preliminary user poll. All products that recorded 10 or more active users are now official candidates for this month’s Builder Rewards.

Here are our August candidates.

  1. Incognito Network Explorer by @inccry
  2. Nito - Telegram Bot by @Josh_Hamon
  3. Node watcher by @raz
  4. Light Shadow Box - Web wallet by @taind
  5. WIC - Desktop Wallet by @Isyyyy
  6. - Platform for building privacy applications by @incsmile
  7. Stake Reward Calculator by @Bruno

Are any of these new to you? Do take the time to explore all these beloved products, leave your feedback, and cast your vote for the one you think is most deserving.

How to vote

Ready to reward our community builders for creating and developing amazing ideas? Great! Every vote cast means more rewards for your favorite builder.

Follow the voting process and vote here >

For step by step instructions, check out this tutorial.

Who’s eligible to vote?

Users with Trust Level 2 and 3 are eligible to vote. You’ll now have received your August vote tokens (ticker: AGT) in the Incognito address associated with your profile on the website. To view your token, remember to add AGT to your assets list!

For further information on what Trust Levels mean and how to attain a higher level, check out this explanation. If you weren’t eligible to vote this time, we hope you’ll join us next month!

Voting closes 1 September. Final results will be announced on 2 September.

Reward your favorite product now!

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Check out for August Results and stay tuned for September Builder Rewards!


@Ducky my love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation: And what to do with the voice of those who do not see the future in the development of those proposals that exist? In my opinion all the products created completely contradict the main meaning of our goal? It looks like funding people who are kind of passionate about us, kind of want to support us, and they get a lot of money every month! But our main goal is quite different!

I purchased some PRV a couple of hours ago with some USDC and I am still waiting for it to show up…where the frack is it!!! I can vote because it cost to vote remember!!!..damn I am pissed right now… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hey @Tempestblack, we sent you a DM to figure out what happened and give a proper support. Please check your inbox.

Hi Ducky…thank you for your support and help…I mean that…I took a look at results of that trade and it reported it as failed…so I just initiated a new one…hopefully it will go thru…I needed to pick up some prv so I could pay the transaction fee for the vote transaction when I vote…so tis why I got frustrated…apology for my rant…you guys really are the best…I will let you know if purchase goes ok and then I can submit my vote ok… :sunglasses:

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