Vote for the new Node product name!

Update: results are in! Can’t wait for you guys to meet the Node Tree :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thanks @Mike_Wagner!

Hey everyone, thanks for your suggestions in my previous post :point_down:

The Node team has narrowed it down to a few equally awesome options.

Please vote for your favorite!

The name chosen by the community will be the name of the new Node product – specially designed for Node enthuasists. The bright spark behind the winning name will earn 100 PRV :smiley:

You’ll need to login to vote, and while results will be public, your names will not.

  • Node Array
  • Node Tree
  • Node Tower
  • Node Stack

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Some context:

@Mike_Wagner: Node Tree

Hey @abduraman (Node Stack, Node Array) and @Jamie (Node Tower), please feel free to post any info relating to the names you chose!

Voting will close 24 Feb 06h00 ET.

Looking forward to the results! :star_struck::star_struck:


In fact, I like NodeStack more than NodeArray which has more votes :slight_smile:

To me, Node Stack completely matches with the appearance of the product. It is absolutely a stack. Last-in first-out :slight_smile: The powered base is called “base”. Each node is called as “node”. So simple, so non-technical as it requires (imho).

I suggest Node Array just to show that it has multiple nodes.

They are not very imaginative, the word node applies to all nodes.
I’d have some kind of reference to Incognito or prv.
I thought of the Cog and the Prv Nito Nodl.
But if I had to pick I’d go for node stack.

I think this should be two-round election :slight_smile: The first two candidates should compete again.

One danger about this is how to verify contestants from buying votes? Without buying vote can I suggest millennium falcon or falcon as the “ambassadors” are “Rebels”

I have some name for you guys:

Super Nodes
Mega Nodes
Node Pyramid
Node Force
Node Extra or Extra Node

Definitely like Node tree, but I would vote for Node Array. Feel more techy!

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I like The Hive

How about: ‘Incognode’ ?

Or a ‘NitoNode’ ?

Or you could call it after the latin name for ‘Incognito’ - so it would be called a ‘Incognitus’ …

When will a decision on the new name take place?

Incognitus’ awaits!! :grin: