VOTE! Choose the next Incognito T-Shirt

The response to the competition to design the next Incognito t-shirt was incredible! Thank you for participating!

So many of you poured yourselves into over 60 submissions, and it’s a shame we can’t pick them all.

But there can only be one winner :smiling_imp:

Based on a combination of community likes, core designer input, and brand strategy alignment, we’ve chosen FOUR shirt designs for the final voting round.

Now, it’s up to you to choose.

Below is a poll, which users TL 1 and above can vote in, to prevent account spamming.

Just click the button next to your favorite shirt’s number. Be sure to double check your number matches your intended shirt!

Voting closes this Friday, Nov. 13th.

The choices:

Shirt 1:

By @Globallager

Shirt 2:

Submitted by @Ducky on behalf of anonymous.

Shirt 3:

By @Horus87

Shirt 4:

By @Mike_Wagner


  • Shirt 1
  • Shirt 2
  • Shirt 3
  • Shirt 4

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What happens to the winner?

They will be forced to join the Incognito Secret Service to fight the evils of surveillance, living the rest of their life under a fake identity.

Not really.

The winning designer will be awarded with a Node Tree base, and their design will be included with every Node Tree Purchase as the new Incognito t-shirt!

Note: Edits may be made to the design by the design team before printing.


Some notes on shirt #3: I believe it should say privacy matters not privacy matter. Also, the QR code most likely will have issues scanning. A group I was part of did QR codes before and it was very hard to get them to scan. Probably best to test this before production.

Just some thoughts to keep in mind.


Thanks for choosing also my design :slight_smile:

@Jared I used the word “matter” and not “matters” because of the double meaning: matter is the “matter absorbed by the black hole” and also the noun “question, topic…” so it can be read like “privacy topic” or with meaning “this is a privacy question/matter”. With the metaphor regarding the mass acquired by the “incognito black hole”. You can read my thoughts that inspired me the design in the contest post on the forum.

But it can be changed if the team thinks it’s better to write “matters”. I was inspired by the qwertee designs (nice t-shirts there!), where you can find this kind of double meaning use.

Do you mean a test on a real shirt? I tested multiple times the code with android apps “QuickMark” an with “QR and barcode scanner” (PlayStore first result in my case) on the image above (that is really low/preview quality) and it worked without issues. Do you think the problem is related to the structure of the code or the print quality on the shirt?

In any case I have the high quality gimp files, so modifications like words, font type, and QR code style can be added easily if needed!


For some reason there is no actual way to vote on this thread.

I have to say, I was expecting quite a few more options to vote on. None of the top 5 choices I would have expected to have a showing even made it. (I’m not speaking of my own submission)

I will sound mean, but these are all extremely obscure. I dont think will do much to peak the interests of outsiders, I am afraid they will not know what’s going on and will not garner enough interest to ask.

I dont think its fair to all the designers and to the incognito project as a whole to have such a bottleneck on what are the final contestants.

In my experience (no hard feelings) programmers often do not have very good judgement when it comes to visual design and branding, often abysmal :laughing:. The wisdom of the crowd may be better to rely upon.

Perhaps its not as big of a deal, but I really want incognito to look professional, and as a professional its just not hitting it yet.


I am also of the opinion that we need a few more designs to vote for. May be 6-7 instead of just 4?


Also I think some of the design concepts could be combined or iterated on. Some people admitted limited photoshop skill but had great concepts if polished.

I read several taglines that people had, all different, most interchangeable with the depicted art. My design for example could have uses any of the tag lines from the other people, I eventually chose one at random and slapped it on, but it wasn’t my idea.

Different tag lines put incognito in a different light and the many designs underscored possibilities for how to market things. I was hoping for a wider discussion.


As far as the QR code. I’ve found less data (ie. Dots or spots on the QR) is better when printed on a shirt.

When printed on a shirt the quality is generally dropped even though the design is high quality. It will depend on how it is printed. A test shirt would still be a good idea.


I really like the back of the #3, the front is too much connoted psychedelik trance to be wear everywhere . I’d like this design on the front with plain black in the back :heart: (we are free to believe in santa claus)


But but but… and my awesome proposal? :joy:


Yes you are right. I think probably the team will print some test shirt before mass production and adjust the design in case.
I used free website to generate the QR code and there are also other styles and options if needed. If the back QR code is a good idea, it can be made readable for sure!

Also if my design does not win, the QR code idea can be recycled for the winner one. Black or white t-shirt doesn’t matter, it can look nice on both versions… However personal opinion :sweat_smile:

What do you think about the B/W version of the same design? This one


There were many good designs in the contest post, some also with more likes than the ones that have been selected for this final round.

It’s just a supposition, but I think the marketing/design teams did their analysis when choosing these 4 designs. I never thought to be one of these, but probably there are considerations behind that we don’t know. The design number 2 in my opinion is the only one that has been designed by a professional graphic designer with a clear message in mind.

What about having eg. 2 official designs? One with black t-shirt and one with white t-shirt?

Then the others are free to print their own version themselves if they like to spread the word about the project with a personal style… If allowed, I think I will print my design by myself, wearing it to support the project! One day wit a design and another day with the other :slight_smile:

Yes it’s more sober. Also possible the qr code in front small, and on the back big :slight_smile: Anyway the game is finished but nothing prevent anyone to product and sell histoire own tshirt.
Also i see the marketing offensive with a QR code : in classrooms, restaurants, transports…

Yes maybe the team will add a QR also to the design #2

If it’s simple and stylish, I’d wear it. Needs the web address on the back for marketing, smaller font at the top, not a billboard. Not a shirt that’s filled with stuff that doesn’t make sense to anyone. Honestly, I don’t like any of them that much…maybe #1 because it’s simple, maybe #4 because its simple/clean but could be a conversation starter since it’s unique…and also has meaning to validators.

Too many opinions on here to get a consensus anyways, so good luck with that.

How about giving the option on the node tree order screen for no t-shirt and get $10 off your order?!?!? :grin: Everyone wins!

@inccry It’s out of the competition, but I’ll print a copy for everyone who want’s to have it :slight_smile:


I think the tastes are personal, someone maybe likes a t-shirt full of stuff, if you look at the contest page there were also designs with complex things and many voted also them.

In my opinion for example, designs like the #4 it’s too “tech”, it can be interesting if all the people can understand, but not a very good thing for marketing. Especially if the target is a node tree owner, so a plug&play user not a command line user… In this direction I liked This and This more.
Node owners are not always tech guys. They can be simply investors, or maybe youtubers reviewing the node. You have to think also about the impact of a youtuber wearing Incognito shirt when reviewing the node for example. It must be something that the community likes, people likes, team likes and marketing/designers department likes.

But if you want to stay “general purpose” and share a message, using the logo only is not the solution. And you also have to select a style that many could like. Personally I like only the #2 in this list, except mine design obviously. The #2 is full of meaning, has a strong message and a unique design. The other 2 could maybe be a starting point for something else, but at this stage they are more or less a draft of an idea. I will never wear them. They need a heavy redesign in case of winning.

I like your idea of not having the t-shirt. If you think you won’t wear it ever, it could be a waste of money and a waste of space in your drawer…
I think that for an official t-shirt the team must only collect the votes and use them as reference. And then choose the t-shirt internally, because it will be impossible to make happy everyone.
Another idea could have more than 1 official t-shirts (eg. 2-3) and let the buyer select one design when ordering the Node Tree or go for the default one. Don’t know, just an idea! Personally I will wear the official one only if I like it or if I need to wear it for official/marketing events.

The QR code can be interesting because it’s also covid-free, you don’t have to talk, just turn around :sweat_smile: The QR it’s for sure a thing that can be used to start a conversation, if not offline, when they will register on the forum!

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I want one please :raising_hand_man:

Fair points. A few core-team chosen official t-shirts that a node tree buyer can choose from, or the option for no t-shirt (why waste it if you won’t wear it). Now that is a winning idea!

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