vNode Withdrawals

@Support - When I click withdrawal on my vnodes that have earned, I get an error. So I have to transfer PRV to the wallet of that node, and then the withdrawal will work. Any ideas?

This is correct. I have already confirmed with support about this. Withdrawing node rewards now requires fees to be paid for the network transaction (micro cents for each fee). If your node account has no PRV you will need to put some in it prior to withdraw.

Going forward it is advised you keep a small amount of PRV in each node account (ie. 0.001 PRV)

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This type of transactions were free but after Privacy v2 update, it also requires transaction fee.

Here this is before Privacy v2: (zero fee)

This is after Privacy v2: (it has fee)

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Or you may follow this and need to have some PRV in only one account.

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@abduraman @Jared - Thanks for the replies. Why not just have a transaction automatically created when the withdraw button is pressed that deducts the fee from the withdraw.

In order to process a transaction like this you would need PRV to cover the fee of that transaction.