vNode UNINSTALL guide?

Would love a guide on how to properly remove vNode code and services from my linux server. I used the standard script from the team. I can delete the folders easy enough but I believe there are other services and items installed that are not as easy to remove without know-how.

Can @Support help with this?

Hello @brico84,

This would depend on how you installed the nodes. Assuming you used @Rocky’s BLINK script then run the following:

sudo ./{this script} -u

This action will remove:
      - The systemd service and timer: $SERVICE $TIMER
      - Docker containers and images
      - User: $USER_NAME
      - $INC_HOME (including all node's data, logs and everything else inside the folder)
      - Run script: $SCRIPT
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FYI, this is INCORRECT, at least on the scripts from Rocky I have. Instead of -u you type uninstall without the -

So …

sudo ./{this script} uninstall

that’s what worked for me

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