Vnode script stopped for 10 minutes

Had to update my servers and my Vnode was down for 10 minutes will this hurt my earnings and also since this I have not been paid out for over a week


My node have not been earning for more than a week from launch day. Kind a weird :man_shrugging:

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I got a payment like 3 days in of 55 PRV but from that it has been 9 days no payments on two vnodes

Don’t worry, it will not hurt your earning.
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I learned today that running a vNode is like participating in the lottery. Every epoch (4 hour block). 32 nodes are selected at random. 22 of which are guaranteed and fixed to be only core developer nodes. The remaining 10 nodes are community nodes. With the continual addition of community ran nodes the chances of winning the lottery and being selected to receive rewards during a 4 hour block go significantly down. I worry that pretty soon it will not be economically feasible to run / operate a node.

See this post for more information:

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Yes, that is correct. That is how it is described in a more technical way in the White paper. There is more to the story though.

When your Node is earning, you don’t only receive PRV but also fractions of the fees involved with the transactions performed. We are a young project with long-term goals, and working very hard to achieve those goals.

Future changes that will influence the earnings are:

  • spots currently held by the core team will become available to the community nodes
  • the network will be expanded, either more nodes per shard, or more shards
    per beacon, or more beacons. Eventually all options will be used
  • when more and more people start using the Incognito network for their transactions and trades, the fractions of the fees will make up a bigger part of the earnings than the PRV per block
  • although we can’t guarantee anything, we are expecting the price of PRV to increase. The price has been pretty stable so far

For the current moment, earnings are estimated at $25 a month (on the “buy a Node” information page). On a month to month basis earnings will fluctuate, looking at them over a longer period of time will show people are earning more than that.

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