vNode: 0 Earnings after almost 2 weeks. Makes me question staking...

Hey guys, I know many people have asked whether their vNodes are working and, although I know mine is working, I am questioning whether it is truly worth the investment. I spun up my first vNode over a week ago now and I have seen 0 return at all… I understand the randomized selection logic, but staking over $2k and seeing no return whatsoever after 7 or more days makes me question what the returns might even look like, when it ever comes. I mean, all that PRV could be cumulatively earning 28% APY in Provide… I’m especially nervous for when the Dev team spins up another 200+ vNodes in a few weeks - that’s going to slice my chances even more.

So, here’s my question:
Is it worth it to keep just a single vNode up and running? If you only had 1 vNode (running on great VPS on a student deal), would you keep it running? Would you split up into a few pool nodes? Any way I can increase my chances? How can I improve my earnings? It just feels like it’s not worth it to run just one node anymore. Any and all guidance/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: attached screenshot of my app’s Power page. Again, painful to see just ‘0’… Can we add anymore info here? Maybe adding an updating percentage to represent odds-of-being-selected (e.g., 1 node / 2268 nodes - 8 days since staking = ~45.2% odds of selection today. Totally made up numbers, but you get the idea. Seeing something change on the page every day might help a bit for newbies.)

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