Virtual Node

Power the first privacy PoS network

Incognito validators ensure that all crypto holders have an alternative to a future of surveillance. As a validator on the Incognito PoS network, you earn rewards in its native currency PRV. Since you power the network that makes the choice possible, everytime someone chooses to make a private transaction in any currency - BTC, ETH, BNB, etc. - you also earn rewards in that currency.

Every node counts in the fight for privacy. If you are comfortable working with a couple of lines of code, it’s very easy to host your own virtual node.


Fair PoS

Incognito is designed so that anyone can be a validator candidate by staking the minimum (and maximum) amount of 1750 PRV. No master nodes, no delegated staking. Every node owns an equal share and equal voice in the network.


Multi-currency rewards

Incognito powers privacy for multiple blockchains. This means validators will earn currencies such as BTC, ETH, DAI, BNB, etc. for processing transactions privately, in addition to block reward earnings in Incognito’s native coin PRV.


What validators do

The privacy movement has begun. You see it with the increasing number of isolated privacy coins out there today. But Incognito validators make it possible for anyone to turn on privacy for any of their cryptocurrencies. Help build the network that helps them turn their BTC into privacy BTC. Their ETH into privacy ETH. And so on.

If privacy wins, you win

As the number of privacy transactions increase, so will your earnings. If you believe that privacy is important, and that the world will increasingly wake up to the dangers of surveillance, then help power Incognito. Own a piece of the current and future income of the network.


Own a piece of the current and future income of the network.


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Hi @annie, is it possible to link my topic on vNode Earnings Statistics to this?

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And then update it every week? I understand you want exposure but this will be tough to maintain. Don’t you think with a new weekly post, people will be able to find it?

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I think it’s information that people interested in vNodes need and want, and is a make or break between them actually getting the vNode or not, so exposure to it is important to growing the network of validators. If they only see this post, they may not know that another post exists that shows stats on earnings. Even if we don’t maintain updating the link in this post, whatever one they go to will contain the information they need to find the most current one.

Or they can just read this reply thread with the link in it :wink:

It is certainly very useful, will certainly a regular weekly fan.


Sure, that is what the search engine is for. Did you check what comes up when people search for “vNode”?

My point is where do you stop? Should the recently posted pDEX tool also be linked, coz what is PRV? Without knowing its value, people might still be confused about what the earnings are.

Whatever Annie decides is fine of course, just my 2cts.

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Are you thinking about building and running your own Incognito Virtual Node?

It’s really not that difficult, I just went through this process and thought I’d share my experience with the community.

Here’s my article -
Step-by-Step: How I built my Virtual Node on the World’s Smallest Mini PC ($170 USD)

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I’ve an intention to set up new vnode, thanks Linnovations for sharing