Virtual Node- Startup

Hi! I just started creating my virtual node this morning, I completed all steps but for some reason the app won’t allow me to stake my coin to start the node.

I added the Ext IP address from Google cloud and have more than enough coins in my wallet.

Not sure why I can’t get the node to pick up the coin I have in my wallet and give me the “stake” option.

Please help!

Welcome to the community @mando…create a ticket to @Support and they will contact you to assist you…or possibly one of the other regular community members might be able to assist you as well…don’t worry someone will holler at you to assist… :smiley: :sunglasses:

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Which wallet key are you staking to? Did you make a separate key specifically for this node (ie. Node 1)? Also make sure you have a tiny amount over 1750 to cover th network fee to stake it.

Where did you find a manual for Google Cloud? As far as I know these were all removed due to Google shutting down services that were, or seemed, crypto related.