Virtual node error


I’ve been running my for a few months now. I recently rebooted my system and tried running my script again manually and I was shown the following error. Just eth_mainnet is working in docker now.

Can someone please help?incognito error

Welcome back to the community @peacemaker…create a DM to @Support and once they pick it up they will address your question… :sunglasses:

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Please follow the instruction here to run your node:

And most importantly, to use the existing data and to not have to sync from the network again, do the following steps before running the setup script:

  • Create incognito folder:

$ sudo mkdir -p /home/incognito

  • Move current data folder:

$ sudo mv [current data folder] /home/incognito

  • Rename the data folder:

$ cd /home/incognito
$ sudo mv [current data folder] node_data