Validators created in batches

Hi all,

in regular cycles one can see batches of new nodes created within a couple of minutes:

Screenshot 2021-01-09 at 10.29.26

Like in the screenshot above 5 nodes within 2 minutes. Is this the team creating pre funded nodes prior to shipping them?

Thanks scooter

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Or the one created with the liquidity from provide

There is a script, created by a community member, to set up multiple validators on one server. It can be used by everyone.

The team uses the Provide funds to add liquidity to pDEX pairs and to set up Nodes. The rewards need to come from somewhere.

pNodes are staked when the buyer installs them at their home.


Short answer: Yes.

This has been discussed on previous posts before.

The answer is actually no. The added validators are not prefunded pNodes that are getting ready to ship.

@scooter - This could be a person using the multi-vnode script to spin off 3, 4 or 5 nodes together and then staking them one after the other. I’ve also observed this happen sometimes when Peter from the team is staking funded pNodes (probably the first thing in the morning based on his time zone), based on people who received their pNodes bringing it up online. The one that peter does can be in varying batches (sometime just 2 or 3, and sometimes 10-12 as well in a day). If you’re seeing 4 or 5 like the one you’ve shown in your screenshot, I think it’s more likely that it may be an incognito validator who decides to stake that many nodes together.