Validator pool

My vNode is up since more than 2 weeks (in waiting status) and still no reward seen.
As i can read from others i am not the only one but i found this pretty annoying.

So my question is: is there a pool of validators which can share the validation rewards? in the same spirit of mining pools.
and so on get less but more often.

How long is the mean time of waiting currently ?
waiting many weeks is more like solo mining ^^ it is not really what i expected!


Hi @TheBl4ckC4t you can put your funds in Provide

With the current number of validators (, I think it can take up to 4-6 weeks to get picked one.


There is no queue for (virtual or physcal) nodes. There is a pool. Nodes get selected at random. Completely random. That means you can be selected three days in a row, but also not be selected for a few weeks.

With the increase of validators, the chance of being selected decreased. The increased of PRV value kind of compensates that.

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thanks for your response!
Yes I could just provide liquidity
But I expect validators to have higher ROI than simple providers. If its not the case because of the current number of validators being too high, I would like to know it!
Do you have inputs to do the maths ??? ( total number of validators, numbers validators selected and mean rewards by validators)

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And if validator pool does not exist yes, would it be possible to build it by the community ? I mean a pool receving all rewards from subcribed nodes and dispatch it to everyone daily with a fractionnal of gains… just like a mining pool.
Is it technically possible?

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Another thing quite concerning about it:
today you wait for 2 month at most. so in 6 month maybe you will have to wait 6 month ? and then ?
And if its pure random selecting, it means that you can get a 6 month work rewards in one day and maybe another guys will wait 5.5 month … thats unfair, its like a lottery.
Moreover your nodes are so easy to manage with docker you can use is like plug n play… (you did a great job on that by the way)

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Hey there! This conversation has been had a few times around the forum, but I’ll sum it up:

Due to the fact that there are fixed nodes, the current 2800 Nodes are waiting for a limited number of slots. Once the network is released and at full shards, there will be more than 16000 available slots to validate.

Provide is a Node pool, but of course the returns will be lower. Operating a Node is meant to be the best form of staking, and it is. Selection is random, and while that can be frustrating now, it’s to ensure fairness. Once the slots increase though, you won’t wait as long. Block rewards will go down, but with many more users of the network, transaction fees may actually supplement earnings rather than just being dust.

You can read more here: validator slots

Hope that helps!


Thank you @aaron for that concise and straight-to-the-point response…also the link was helpful… :sunglasses:


And it makes attacks of the validators with bad-intent difficult. @TheBl4ckC4t


This doesn’t seem to have been raised before - if the validators are selected with such large gaps of time between selection such that they are essentially inactive / unproductive for most of the time, is there a way to minimise the CPU or GPU usage until actually needed for validation purposes?

This would allow vnode machines to get on with other non-incognito mining acvitivities and allow them to be much more productive for community members while still allowing for support and participation in the incognito project.

Would be really interested in communities feedback on this.

What exactly has not been raised before? The random selection?