Use Dash, privately.


Dash is digital cash you can use to instantly send money around the globe with near zero fees. Many businesses in the US and internationally accept Dash, making it a useful everyday currency.

Initially created as a “privacy-centric cryptographic currency” (according to the original whitepaper), it is now no more private than Bitcoin.

If you value your privacy, this change begs the question:

Do we have to choose between protecting our privacy and using the crypto we prefer?

You can have both

Dash isn’t a privacy coin, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it one. Privacy is essential to the fungibility and security of crypto, so we decided to make a way for Dash to be used privately when it’s helpful.

By building a cross-chain bridge between Incognito and Dash, like we’ve done for BTC, ETH, LTC, and many others, we made a way for you to shield your Dash and use it anonymously, whenever you please.

How bridges work >
When to expect trustless bridges >

The best part is, Incognito’s fees are near-zero, too. You don’t have to give up any part of what makes Dash great to take back your privacy.

Use Dash anonymously

Whether you’re trading, sending, receiving, or holding, anything you can do with Dash publicly, you can now do privately, too. Simply shield it with your Incognito wallet, and use your Dash anonymously in the wallet and privacy DEX.

Any coin can be a privacy coin

With Incognito, you’re not limited to privacy coins. You can use any of your favorite cryptocurrencies anonymously. And because you can shield and unshield at any time, the new bridge means you don’t have to choose between using Dash and protecting your privacy. You now have access to Dash at all times, and privacy whenever you want it.

Shield your Dash now

To use your Dash privately, download the Incognito app:



Congrats team! Very exciting!


COOL!!! I LOVE Dash!!!
When will there be more liquidity to exchange for pDex?

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Is this information on dash’s twitter? Their website? Their primary means of communication with their community??

That’s what comes to mind for me, as we don’t play favorites…but coin agnostic, and Privacy as a right…

This is excellent news…but when the hands shake…is when the work sign turns on. Lets keep some analytics on new signups, how new users heard of incognito, and lets reward their trust…

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Is something broken with DASH trading? I notice if I try to convert DASH to dollars it’s showing 1 DASH -> 36 USDT, when I look at the details it shows Price difference of -81.182%

Which is really odd, because looking at the stats, there isn’t any DASH in the pool, so I would think you’d want to get more DASH into the pool via a trade like this.

The pDEX uses AMMs to calculate rates, so it’s just reflecting extremely low liquidity. The best thing to do would be to add liquidity or wait for others too.

I think there may be an issue with that because I’ve added 30+ DASH liquidity, however, only 0.2 DASH is available in the pool according to the data. And DASH trades are virtually non-existent 110 trades each less than 1 USD.

Another issue is with the 11% APY for DASH, the percent of PRV being earned is not reflecting the price of DASH. I should’ve earned over 8 PRV by now and I’ve only earned 1 PRV. One more issue that needs to be addressed before I would recommend anyone stake or use DASH on incognito. XMR has been working flawlessly, so I don’t get what the problem is here but please address ASAP. So I can wait for others to add liquidity, but why would they when the interest in PRV isn’t correct and the liquidity added doesn’t seem to fix any of the trading value issues.

Even trading DASH to PRV is broken. How can one DASH only return 15.3 PRV. If DASH is $285, why would it only give $45 in PRV.

I see the same tiny .2 DASH pool you’re seeing. I’m subscribing to this thread because I am having a similar problem with ZCASH – even though we have put liquidity in Provide there is zero pool available!

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I’ve successful withdrawn the liquidity for now leaving a little for testing. If things start working in the future, I’ll bring back more.

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Did you add liquidity in Provide or Add?

Provide is not immediately added to liquidity pools, it takes time. Liquidity is also very low, but it’s growing. Low liquidity is the reason for bad rates when you trade, since the pDEX is an AMM DEX.

As for earning 8 PRV, that sounds like quite a bit, are you sure that’s correct? (Your provision’s prv value x 0.11) / 365 is the average daily rate, though since it’s compounding the actual value is lower in the beginning and higher toward the end of the one-year cycle).

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I had the DASH sitting in the pool for around 2 weeks. It did not affect the trading liquidity for DASH as far as I could tell. It was 30+ DASH sitting in the pool and didn’t changing the trading rate or seem to affect trading liquidity.

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Just tried to put in a DASH trade after the update (i.e. sell DASH) and it’s showing a correct price for DASH now maybe $3 off. is now showing more liquidity than 0.2 DASH. So something was going on, but maybe is resolved now.

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