US Homeland Security Can Now Track Privacy Crypto Monero

According to [CipherTrace CEO Dave] Jevans, Monero tracing takes a different approach than Bitcoin tracing tools, and the results aren’t quite as definite.

“You can’t be as deterministic as Bitcoin,” he said. “In tracing Monero, it’s really more of a probabilistic game. You can say: Well, I have 98% probability that this went from this address to this address, or 78%, or that type of thing.


The fact that CipherTrace’s Monero tracing isn’t deterministic but probabilistic suggests they are only capable of partially decloaking the ring signatures at the core of XMR privacy.

What implications might this have for the ring signature tech used in the Incognito Chain?


Hi Mike…I read that article earlier today myself and got to thinking about how it might or could affect Incognito…I am glad you brought it to the attention of the community thru this posting… :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the article another reason why the world needs incognito and why we should dezentralize our network without any single point of failure as fast as possible. It literally needs to become unstoppable. Right now I guess it could be easily shutted down if they only disconnect the fullnode @andrey? How can we make sure to be unstoppable?


This!!! :point_up_2:
I think if we can get the project decentralized asap then this really improves the use case of the platform because it would be impossible to trace coins coming and going if they are being shielded and unshielded from other blockchains.


20K node goal is starting to become real clear now.

I watched the interview, and it didn’t seem like they were able to gather to much information.

Reading the article linked above, they are quoted saying:

“We’re not saying that we can identify individuals and we’ve never done that at CipherTrace. We don’t identify individuals, names, addresses, any of that stuff,”

We were discussing this previously over here. I’m not sure if any new info was released though.

For those interested in more detail on CipherTrace’s Monero capabilities, here is a great podcast interview with CipherTrace CEO Dave Jevans, Monero Research Lab’s Dr. Sarang Noether and Justin Ehrenhofer:

Follow up discussion on r/Monero with Dave, Dr. Noether and Justin:

TL;DR - Use a new address for every transaction and don’t link transactions to exchanges. CipherTrace is more snake-oil than not. 2.4MM of US tax dollars at work.


Dont we need decentralized beacons and several independent fullnodes as well to achieve this?

i have 1btc on site minergate . But site down , hmmm

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