Upgraded phone, no secret key for pNode

I upgraded my phone and copied my apps over. When I checked my node this morning I found everything was blank and I had to restore the keys.
I have all the backup keys except my pNode, is there any way to recover it? Would setting the node up again on the new phone restore my old balance?


You are mixing node and account, so I am not completely sure what you have and don’t have.

You can setup the node again, using the “Add an existing node” option. You may have to scroll down a bit to see that option on screen (Step 1 of setting up a Node).

If you didn’t save the keys of the account assigned to the node, then those funds are lost. In that case, do not withdraw any of your earnings till a new account has been assigned to your node.


@Jamie, thank you.
To clarify, i added my node back as an existing node, but the app shows missing account and I don’t have the private key to get it back.
How do i assign a new account?


Hi @VINWOSNI, we have to make sure that you have a Node by checking your Node remotely. Please prepare the following:
1/ An Ethernet cable to connect your Node to the router
2/ A computer/ laptop to install this software: http://anydesk.com/

I will access to your computer, the session is about 20 minutes. Could we do it tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 8 pm PT?


@Peter, yes, thank you.


pulled the same thing, can we please also set up a time to solve this. Really bummed, just lost the screen shot on phone upgrade. Bye monies :weary:

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That’s bad. @FilthyBill Let’s do it now, or at 8PM PT tomorrow (Wednesday) is that okay for you?

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sincere apologies, missed this won’t be able to handle this evening, can we set it up for 8pm PT 7/23?

Sure thing @FilthyBill. See you tomorrow :+1:

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@FilthyBill Hi, are you there?