Upgrade your nodes NOW! ;)

All my validators went into BEACON STALL just now. Checking the logs it says

Expected having feature unified_token_20220714

What this basically means is that you need to run the latest docker version, while I was still on the next latest 20220701.

I’m running the experimental newdb, for now I have disabled automatic updates because some versions break and I update manually in a controlled fashion.

@Support, July 14th was just 4 days back, could you at least give us a week or two in block height before enabling new features that breaks syncing and gets us slashed? :upside_down_face:

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Please help update your nodes to the latest docker tag, you could look into the announcement to get either standard or newdb tags.
About ~90% of nodes in the network are already updated which caused the Privacy Unified Tokens protocol affected sooner than expected. That might be bad for your nodes (sorry!) but also a good sign for the network as they got updated the new feature too quickly :smiley:

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No worries, I constantly monitor my nodes, so I caught it early. Only lost 1/4 of an Epoch. I just feel you set the feature minimum block height a bit low this time. :wink: