Updates on main page

There are many people that use this app that do not use the community section nor the telegram app.
I propose a simple solution that I see working on other apps, such as PI.
On the main screen of incognito there could be a small paragraph at the top that talks about any big updates coming, changes to be made, etc. so as soon as you log in every time you are met with a quick “blurb” of info that you either didn’t know or are just reminded of, (such as, shipments of nodes will be delayed until July due to volume of demand”) this way EVERYONE knows of important things, updates and expected changes and EVERYONE will be slightly happier with the tone and tenor of this project, NO ONE can complain they didn’t know something big, etc.


I concur! As much as I like scrolling through here, it would be nice to have an “easy-to-digest” version up front!

Now thats an idea @Jerry_Watson! Think you hit the nail on the head too. No more “well I didn’t know?” It brings more of the incognito app users to the site, helps encourage participation in those that may not have been active before. So heck yeah, let’s do this!


That’s a cool idea @Jerry_Watson ! Incognito is on the fast-track to grow, so it might be helpful to have some areas on the app/site for users to update the latest information.

Thanks for contributing this idea. I will let the team know it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do it

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@Jerry_Watson re main page - do you mean the app home screen or the front page of incognito.org?

i quite like the idea of having a little icon top right of on the app home screen. when the user opens the app for the first time, it’ll be an icon that opens up a walkthrough (as you suggested!). after that, it will be a ‘news’ icon that details important info, things to try out etc.


The main screen of the app. The reason to do this are for ppl who never go on the website or use the community area in the app, or just want bullet points of prior updates, future updates, future plans etc.
Such as:
-pKyber now available.
-July-planning on deploying “x”
-August-attempting to “…”
All right there, front and center at the top of the home page as soon as I open the app I get hit with:

  1. What have we done prior
  2. What we are planning in short term
  3. What we are planning in long term in a few words (These rolling ideas that are easy and quick to glance to that keeps everyone on the same task are called many things, but I like to call it the whiteboard effect. Where, no matter who you are or your job, as you walk by you glance up and bam, you see exactly what has been done and what is left to complete for whatever project the team is on).
    They can all remain the same for say a month or two or whatever, that way everyone is tracking the top three things, then if they want more, link the community tab there.

And yes, a walkthrough, that dims certain parts and highlights other parts as the user is guided through, and maybe even a fake or virtual transaction can be completed if possible. If not, then a brief in-app walkthrough as if I was there, standing with the “newbie” saying, “okay, go here, then here, now if you want this then go here”.

I appreciate the shout out, keep it up!