(Updated) What happened to liquidity pools?

I’d seen some liquidity pools on the Incscan have been withdrawn (around 30 - 50 percent).

e.g: https://incscan.io/pdex/markets/PRV-pUSDT/1H

Does anyone know what actually happened?


This is a bit weird indeed. @Support? Is this a pre-emptive action to pdex v3?


I am wondering the same thing. Super, super strange.

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Ahoy fellow Inkognitoj,
LiquidityPools of the 4 major pairs shrink’ed between 30-50%! That’s all what we know right now, plausible explanation would be a) a deep pocket (whale) decided to pull her tokens out or b) as @adrian suggested this is a preemptive action by the team on the way to pDex V3. If the latter is the case a heads-up in the name of transparency and communication would’ve been nice. In the first mentioned explanation is the case: wow and nothing to ask nothing to know, it is as it is.
Side-effect, smaller pools means bigger share of rewards for LP-providers (no!?), but as my predecessors already expressed in their choice of adjectives: weird and strange we have to keep an eye on it, wait for more information, and ultimately come to our own conclusions.

Skål Freyr



@min0r @adrian @Mike_Despo @Freyr @sid,

The Incognito team is preparing for pDEX v3. The target release date is Oct 27th.

In the future, we will try to make an announcement somewhere to let community members know about changes before they happen.

Expect an official announcement post within 24 - 48 hours.


I’m sure people will agree that it’s pretty important to reassure those that actively contribute / post on this forum. After the prior issues on communication, there’s much a great degree of trust that needs to be re-established from a comms perspective.

The team has done great work in recent months on the development side but alleviating concerns if the team is aware of something should be a priority.


Amen … ehhhh Hail Odin to @SPAddict25 … nevertheless @Jared that is great news, luv it!

Skål Freyr

Hi Jared,

Is the current sell off in PRV also linked with the pdex update? Seems like it’s a falling :hocho: atm


The team is not selling any assets. My best guess would be that the more “investor” type of users are selling without realizing that pDEX v3 is being released soon. This is not investment advice* but personally, I would view now as a rather good time to buy up some PRV. :moneybag:


No worries just wanted to make sure.

I’ll shill this to some of my mates :joy:

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Just got confirmation that the team is moving and preparing liquidity for pDEX v3. Read about the pDEX v3 launch announcement if you have not already.

Due to the time to move liquidity over and get the pools setup the launch date will be the end of October or beginning of November.

Very exciting things are coming to the Incognito network! :star_struck:


Hi guys,

I just wanted to add a few more points to Jared’s. Apart from pDEX v3 development (that is being tested on testnet now), we’re also working on a series of topics to announce and explain which pools along with each pool’s liquidity will be supported in the initial stage (because the pDEX protocol changes significantly with dynamic pricing curve and order book support), official liquidity mining alongside APY(s), initial parameters and app tutorial. Hopefully, those topics may help the community understand how pDEX v3 works as well as increase transparency and all will be published prior to the official launch.



While we are on the subject :), what is the fullnode address of that testnet? @incognito Thanks.


Are you working on a project? Or just curious about pDEX v3?

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Curiosity is my main motivation :slight_smile: but the changes may affect the whale bots too.

I had tried https://testnet.incognito.org/fullnode yesterday and would try https://testnet1.incognito.org/fullnode but I couldn’t find the time. Thanks for the confirmation.

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I don’t consider myself a whale, but I’ve moved all assets of Incognito for now. I’m not willing to wait 8 days for a $1k withdraw of liquidity (private or not) that is paying an interest rate of 13%. It used to take a couple hours to withdraw liquidity, then it started taking 24 hours, then 2 days, then 4 days and now 8 days. This is what I call not scaling with usage.

@abcdefghijk, Improvements are coming with pDEX v3 that should be released very soon. Keep an eye on the forum and your email for an announcement post.


Any news on timeline?

Any updates on this? It appears that the liquidity hasn’t moved yet and the price keeps going down and down. Yes I believe in the project but this is also an investment for me.

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