Updated 2022 Incognito Pitch Deck for new Investors?

@Support team - I have been speaking with a few people. I have seen some renewed interest in investing in Incognito (especially with the new ways of earning a yield under the earn tab, alongside becoming validators themselves or participating in the long-term 40% yield rewards program). In addition, given that the broader market suffered a crash recently, there is an increased appetite to “buy the dip” and get in.

This is an excellent opportunity to see some new money flow into this project. It should not only help push up the token value but also augment or catalyze the efforts of the growth team (I believe the focus of the growth team is tied to attracting more end-users and not necessarily investors).

Also, if the team can add a couple more slides that talk about all the ways of participating in this project from an investor’s perspective - that should go a long way to get more liquidity across the board.

Does the team have an updated version of the pitch deck or something similar to how you all did it during the monthly PRV holders call that lasted through early last year (something like this one: PRV Holders Presentation - February 2021)

Finally, I think it would be good to start doing this again (the presentation), at least quarterly, if not monthly.



This one exists if you like:

I found it on Near forum (https://gov.near.org/t/cypherpunk-guild-grant-program/19123/9) a few days ago.


Hey @sid! Long time no talk! :grin:

Really glad to know that you’ve introduced Incognito to people and even happier that they shows the interest in investing in the project. That means a lot, esp when we’re trying to get the growth activities back in game. And yes, you’re correct, Growth’s ultimate goal is to acquiring new end-users.

The idea of having a pitch deck shows our latest progress and achievements published on the forum sounds great to me. We can also update it on the monthly-based. By doing that, we hope that some community members who truly support the project would have a good material to help spread a word about Incognito.

Let me discuss the Growth team on your suggestion on Monday, Sid. Will update you on the results. Thank you!

Yes, will do for sure. :wink:


haha I was pretty surprised that you found out our pitch deck :smiley: That’s the one I submitted to Near team as a grant application. You guys can use it if needed, but I think we still need a separate pitch deck where we will solely focus on the realtime progress and network statistics.
P.s: Look like you’re a regular visitor of many community forums :slight_smile: