Update physical node firmware

As another action of supporting node owners with the node issues, a new firmware for physical nodes (pNodes) is being rolled out. This may help mitigate a pNode’s out-of-memory situation.

Please follow the below steps to update the new firmware for your pNode:

  1. Restart your pNode by unplugging and then plugging the power again.

  2. Wait 5 minutes for the physical node to be restarted.

  3. Open Incognito app and go to the node screen.

  4. Wait for all nodes’ information to be loaded completely. At this point, your pNode should be running with the new firmware.


Could you publish the total list of improvements and fixes for the 1.0.6 firmware? What should we expect from it?


Hi @Devenus, the following are main updates of the firmware release:

  • Mitigate a pNode’s out-of-memory situation.
  • Some functions such as getting blockchain information, restarting device, restarting docker and deleting chain data via IP & port of a node. These functions can only be executed by node owner. At this point, we only released Firmware’s side first, the interface for these will be rolled out later.



Thanks @anho. As I found out through 5000 port web interface, the following functions are available now with 1.0.6 firmware:

Incognito device infomation

method name link
GET: chain-info chain-info
GET: browser browser
GET: restart-device restart-device?qrcode=
GET: restart-docker restart-node?delete-data=0&qrcode=
GET: delete chain data restart-node?delete-data=1&qrcode=
GET: update-validator-key update-key?qrcode=&validatorKey=
GET: update-wifi update-wifi?qrcode=&ssid=&password=

I’ve already noticed, that pnode logs can be obtained at “browser” link. Can we have some manual on this, please?


hi @Devenus this is API(s) interface that allows users to do some actions with your pNode.

The pNode will serve http Get requests that are sent to it as follows:

  • chain-info -> this shows the current status of your pNode sync and the state of the docker container running validator.

  • browser -> this shows a list of log files generating by your pNode. This would be helpful for the devs team to investigate issues when needed.

  • restart-device -> the pNode will reboot after you exec this request.

  • restart-docker -> restarts Docker container running on the pNode, it also check and pull the latest docker image if any.

  • delete-chain-data -> this function will delete pNode’s data and re-run the node process with the latest docker image.

  • update validator key -> this allows you to change the validator key inside the pNode, but we do not recommend using this function.

  • update wifi -> this function allows you to change wifi of the pNode. When your home’s wifi changes its password, you need to use this function to update wifi password accordingly.



also , I wanna update the endpoint for changing wifi password as follows:


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Hi @binh…can you please elaborate or explain this step or command… your wording was not too clear and a lil bit confusing…apology for asking…

look forward to your response… :sunglasses:

Hey, Binh just updated his explanation a bit that may help people understand the supported APIs easier. In case you still have further questions for unclear ones, just leave a comment below, thanks.

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Excellent…thank you… :sunglasses:

@Devenus, regarding retrieving log files generating by a pNode, just open a browser and go to the address: your-node-ip:5000/browser. It will list all log files of the node right on your browser. Thanks.

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