Update for 7/02- no update in App Store —— FIXED!_——-

I am being asked to update to the latest version. But when I go to the Apple App Store there is no update. It is not allowing me to bypass the update prompt and have no access my account.
Is anyone else having this problem?

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I confirm the same issue for android google store. Last available version is from April, 2.

UPDATE: now it’s just become available.

I am having this issue as well in the Google Play Store. It has not been resolved.

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Ditto…and well the app is left in a loop when you open it…since it cannot update itself properly the app keeps going back to the prompt to update and you cannot get into the app itself… :sunglasses:

And by the way…what version of the app should we be on whether it be Android or IOS?

Alright!!!..looks like the dev team addressed the issue…for my app was able to update itself and opened up fine and working correctly…thank you to @duc and the dev team… :sunglasses: :100: :partying_face:

All clear now

Hi your app is great I spend a ton of time on it. I am having a problem accessing my assets because I cannot get the update. I even tried unistalling the app but that didn’t work. Is there an update or will there be an update? Also when can I access my wallet? Thank you
I sent them this email I’m having the same problem they also sent me here?

Whehw updated.

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Hey guys, thanks for the report and glad to see the issue has been gone away. The upgrade is for supporting Incognito - BSC bridge, unfortunately, there were a few issues on which we still working, that’s why we delayed to make an official announcement for the release. I will get you guys updated once it’s ready.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I think the issue is fixed for iPhones but it persists for Android phones. The app asks me to update but when I go to the Playstore, it only allows you to open or uninstall the app (but not update it). Uninstalling the app will cause all the keychains and nodes to go away and you’ll need to add all that manually, which can be a pain.

Please let us know when this is fixed for Android too.

Android still has update problem, asks me to update then nothing, can’t access anything