Unstaking vnode frozen for much longer than 21 days

Hi… short version: my staked funds have been frozen for several months.

I staked the 1750 for my vnode, but it stopped working properly. I unstaked with the goal of re-staking and re configuring the vnode, but the staked funds are stuck. They have been in the ‘unstaking’ mode (orange dot) for almost three months. How can I retrieve my staked funds? They haven’t been earning. Status is still ‘unstaking’ and it says it will complete the unstaking process the next time it is randomly selected to create blocks. I don’t think that’s going to happen.


Hello @carlojallast,

Your node will need to be online for the node to successfully unstake. Is your node showing as online?

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So if you’re paying someone a fee to stake your node, if something happens to them then you will be unable to access your funds by unstaking?

No, you could always spin up the node yourself or have someone else do it for you. Did someone disappear on you?

No, it was just a hypothetical.

Isn’t the stake tied to a particular ip address?

No just to the validator key / validator public mining key.

Fun fact, you can actually run the node on another server and have 2 nodes running at once in case one of them goes offline.

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Thanks @Jared it may have been offline (hadn’t checked its status in awhile) – it’s online now so hopefully it will unstake properly and I can get it up and running again. Appreciate it!

Thanks for the info. I’ve learned a lot from you

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Hi @Jared - you were helpful the last time I had issues with my node. Currently, I am having difficulty getting my staked vnode online. I’m having difficulty identifying the problem. I’ve restarted the whole process from scratch (destroyed my droplet instance and got a new one; installed everything; etc.), tried using the troubleshooting guide, but nothing’s working. The node monitor shows “offline” and when I put in my droplet IP into my Incognito app with the port, it doesn’t come up. Any chance you have ideas on how to get the vnode to run?

Hello @carlojallast,

I’ve sent you a PM so we can more quickly and efficiently communicate and get this resolved.