Unstaking Node, balance reduced to zero

So I had 7.29 PRV this morning. Now there’s nothing.

Try closing the app, clearing from memory - reload and look again.

Still the same.

If you’re using a pNode - someone else will have to help you.

If its a vNode - use this guide to check its status.

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Are you in the process of unstaking and staking the 1750 PRV yourself?

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It’s unstaking but I don’t have 1750 PRV. I didn’t mean to unstake it. But it’s in the process now.

I have a pnode

I believe it automatically moves the PRV to your pnode wallet when you unstake.

Not there either. All wallets look like this one.

It took a few days to unstake and transfer. Once it gives you the option to stake again it should be in the wallet.

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Click the 3 dots then click withdrawl and select an account to withdrawl to

This has happened to me twice recently as well. Pnode balance showed 29.99 then “blipped” down to 11.xx.

From time to time the Wallet app can temporarily show a different balance. This happens when the Wallet app is not able to retrieve the information from the fullnode in a fashionable timespan.

In case your balance “never” returns to the expected amount, you either withdrew (unintended).

Unstaking can take a long time because it is processed after the next earning cycle(s) that happen after you confirmed the unstake action in the Wallet app.

Still nothing has changed. Guess this is a loooonnnnnggg time to time! Nothing has changed! Nothing earned in any way. So why be happy about spending money just lose it? Hmmmmmm

pNode used Funded staking mechanism right away it was set up successfully. See pNode Staking Mechanism
What you did is to stop using Funded staking. That is why it is asking for 1750 PRV to stake again (Regular staking). See How to use 1750 PRV to stake on pNode
If you want to use the Funded staking again, we will support. I sent a direct message to confirm your information.