Unstaking cancellation

Hopefully you can cancel the unstaking on your end. My node is in unstaking mode but I need it back to staking. Long story short I was ready to stake myself but I got robbed and need to pull prv out to cover costs. Please help. Discord me @ $rustyshackleford$

So your pNode was doing funded staking, and you wanted to unstake, so you could fully fund it yourself. But then because of circumstances out of your control you don’t really have the capital right now to fully stake. So now your stuck unstaking?

I’m not sure if unstaking can be cancelled. I assume you have to wait until you get selected. Hopefully you catch whoever robbed you, as well as get insurance to cover the loss of value (if you have it). I believe you can get your node back to funded staking again afterwards though.


Unstaking can not be cancelled, it is a request stored in the blockchain. Once unstaking has happened you can request to get restaked with funded stake by submitting a Personal Message to the support account here on the forum.


Hi @Childburner, as per Revolve and Jamie advised, it is unable to cancel the unstaking request. Please wait until it is finished, and get back to us. We will support to activate the funded staking for your Node again.