Unilock/Incognito liquidity lock team up?

it appears there is no option to lock liquidity into a pCoin contract yet. I was talking to UniLock.Network about it all, introduced them to incognito, they like what they see at first, said theyd look into inconito to see what incognito is all about. So i am here informing Incognito to try and build a working relationship with unilock.
the last launch they did (they are a launch pad for new coin and liquidity locking mechanism to prevent RUG PULLS) was PolkaBASE which sold out in 20 seconds. and isntantly locked up i think 40 or 50 eth. unilock is currently integrating into sushi swap and binance smart chain, perhaps incognito could coordinate a releasing bridges together so unilock can add incognito feature at launch?
Incognito needs liquidity and a locking mechanism, unilock could use Privacy. SOunds like a perfect fit, Id like others thought and opinions


Incognito does not support smart contracts.

If you personally have a contact with another crypto related project message @andrey and he will be the point of contact for Incognito with them.

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