Unbox and set up your Physical Node

Just plug it in to power privacy and earn crypto.

Buy a Node device here

Already have your Node device?

Let’s open the box.

Here are the bits to pay attention to:

Now, let’s get this set up.

Step 1: Select the right plug for your socket and attach this to the power adapter.

Step 2: Connect your Node to the power adapter and then plug the adapter into a power outlet.

Once the Node’s Hotspot is visible on your Wi-Fi network, let’s move to the next step.

Step 3: Bring the Node online using the app.

Download the Node app by scanning this QR code with your device.

You can also find it on the App Store or Google Play under its full name: Incognito Wallet.

Or check out this link:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it up! Then tap “Power” to start.

Then, tap on “Add a Node Device”

Plug in your Node.

Scan the QR code of your Node. It is at the base,

Once scanned you should see your Node ID, click “Next

Turn off your mobile data to continue

Make sure you see the Node in your network list and click “Next

Enter your home wifi details to connect Node

Let it load

Tap “Join” to continue

Welcome to the network!

That’s it! You’re all set up. Node will start earning soon!

Important! Please remember to back up your private keys and keep it safe! Anyone who has it can access your funds. You may need it once you re-install the mobile app.
See also: https://incognito.org/t/how-to-back-up-your-private-key/235

Quick tip:

1/ If you are using an Android device, you may need to provide the permission to access the location manually
2/ If your setup process is interrupted. See also: https://incognito.org/t/the-pnode-setup-was-interrupted-whats-next/3229
3/ The app works best on Android 9, Android 10 (for Android device), and iOS version that in prior to 13.5.1.
If you use the iOS version 14.0, it may cause some errors.


Is there any way to bypass the WiFi setup? It won’t connect to my network, but I was planning to use the Ethernet cable anyway…


Hi Caleb, hope this helps: https://incognitodoc.gitbook.io/workspace/manually-set-up-pnode-on-wallet


Please repost the ethernet cable setup instructions.

Hi @spaeri68, that way is unfortunately not supported now. It could cause some software conflicts in the future. Please activate the Node using your Home Wi-Fi, then you can have it hardwired.

I did not learn until now that iOS 14 can be an issue. Is there a workaround? “Could not setup Wi-Fi and connect to Node”

What is the issue with iOs 14?? I am still unable to connect the node. Checked access control, confirmed wifi user/pw, node appears in wireless list on the phone, cellular data is disabled, location enabled.

Hi @spaeri68, what is the error message you have? Please provide a screenshot of it and your Node ID in a private message so we can have a look. Node ID can be found at the base of your device.

Go to the Incognito app in your Iphone settings. Make sure that “Local Network” is turned on. I had your problem also. That was the fix for me.

Hello sjo114,

Incognito app does not appear in my list of Local Networks

There are a handful of apps but Incognito isn’t one them.

Curious, what version of iOS are you on?

Well, it doesn’t work at all.


Hi @stedwick Maybe you are using an Android 10 (and above) device? We have a help topic here. Hope it works: [Android OS] "Could not setup Wi-Fi and connect to Node"


Thank you for the quick reply. I guess I’ll wait until an update comes out.

If the Node doesn’t work on the current versions of iOS or Android, I feel like that should be mentioned in big red letters at the very beginning of the instructions, hehe.