Unable to trade CRO tokens


I’ll have to trade a lot of CRO in pDex soon (like several tens of thousands of CRO).

As of today, when I try to exchange CRO to USDT in pDex, let’s say 10 000 CRO to USDT, the pDex offers me 409 USDT however it should be approx 2615 USDT (as of now 1 CRO is around 0.26 USDT).

Could you please explain why I am unable to trade CRO within a correct pricing?
Also can you tell me when I will be able to trade normally with a correct exchange price/rate?

This is quite urgent.

Thank you in advance

Kind regards,

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hey @tipota78 let us take a look deeper at this case.

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Thank you @andrey

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Hi @tipota78 the reason why you are getting different rates when trading on Uniswap and pUniswap is because the pDex uses direct routes to liquidity while uniswap routes through various pools

On uniswap when you are trading CRO for USDT notice the trade routes through various pools, first going from CRO to ETH to DAI and finally to USDT: image
But the direct liquidity pool on uniswap has different rates from this route, going from CRO directly to USDT:

So when you trade on pUniswap you are getting a direct route price (Second screenshot).

Since there are very high gas fees on ETH right now, its rather difficult to continue to develop in this direction. With that said, soon we will have BSC(Binance Smart Chain) integrated which has pancake swap and its cheaper to transact :smiley:

-Hope that clears it up some.

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Dear @Chucky,

Thank you for the full explanation and screenshots. I understand the issue, and also now, I do have a clear understanding of the routing and how it works.

However, I still don’t understand how to withdraw my CRO tokens from the Incognito app? It’s either not possible to trade the CRO (because of the exchange rate issue) or withdraw them (as the withdrawal fees are also very costly, like 37 PRV to withdraw 10 000 CRO).

I am trapped.

How can I withdraw with respectable fees?

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Did you solve your problem yet?
I have a similar situation with CRO too, even though in my case it’s smaller amounts.
I have around 400 CRO trapped too.

Any news?

Here is a solution for both of you :slight_smile:

1- Merge your CRO assets.
2- Follow https://inquery.tipcoin.app to catch the low fee. For example, as of now, the fee is around 14.5 PRV.
3- Withdraw them to an exchange.
4- Divide the fees by 2 and then let each get his own share.

Welcome to the community @InKo_GniTu…and I would definetly take @abduraman’s advice…he knows what he is doing big time so yea it is a good thing to follow his advice… :sunglasses:

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Hi @abduraman,

Thank you for the tips however, I originally sent the CRO tokens to Incognito to exchange it against stable coins obviously (as CRO mainnet is scheduled for end of march and other events such as massive Crypto.com’s solutions adoption in the US and Asia will surge soon), that way I do my trading on the Incognito app. There is no point for me to re-send my tokens to the exchange where it comes from.


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