Txs drop from the mempool - network is down

Hey @Support,

Currently, the network produces the blocks but it is functionally down since txs drop from the mempool.


Hello @abduraman,

Thank you for your report. Shard 0 and Shard 7 were down after the newest Docker tag release.

The devs are checking for any issues and fixing them accordingly.

We are about to make the announcement post(s) for the Docker tag release.


I think it is not specific to any shard since I don’t use those shards. Btw, the problem still goes on.


Nice, catch. I’d like to be able to see these occurrences next time. How were you able to figure out why the network is down? What do you use to look at the mempool?


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Is that why when I open the app it stops me and says I need to update but when I go to APPPLE STORE it shows no update? Kinda like delay loop lol

That’s very strange. What version does your app show? Click on More > Settings and scroll to the bottom.

@Silvercap718 I was seeing the same issue with the Apple App Store until about 10 minutes ago. Now on version 5.10.0.


The app is updated but the issue persists.


Interesting. I was able to successfully use the swap feature but get an API error when I try to add more BTC to Provide. Not sure it’s related to what you’re experiencing but thought I’d share…

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does this result in an


error message
which I get when I try to provide funds !?

Just tried again , Was able to update. Waiting for the all clear before I start any transactions.

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@JayVar Yep, same.


My app is fully ypdated as well (Android) and i am getting similar unknown errors when trying to Provide or transfer between node wallets.

Yes, backend (network) is still functionally down.

Everything is down at my side after the last app update:

shielding: managed to come through after several hours.
unshielding: coins stuck for almost 12h now.
internal TXs, trading: not going. will become pendent a while but will fail.

The network should be fully back up now. If you have any stuck TXs please open a support ticket. If you have failed TXs please retry them.

Remains the same. It will show “Pending” for awhile until “failed”. It also disappear from the network explorer shortly before the “failed” info.

Eg. TxID #04b8fbf5008ef3b11ac2d3252ca5242f17c841414fb5301a6c904902c7d71391

I am still experiencing issues. Cannot see breakdown of coin shield, unshielded, or tx.


pending provision withdrawal ID 6494556 pending since 29th Apr. 11:56 PM

thank you

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