Two questions - price - virtual node setup

Is there an independent source to validate the value of PRV? I can’t find anything online with updated price. I can only figure it out through conversion on the incognito app. Is there anywhere else to see the dollar value?

Also, is there a way to verify that I’ve set up my virtual node correctly? I set it up and everything seems to be running and connected it to my account. I just need to put PRV on to start staking, but I am concerned I could have made a mistake and it’s not secure or something is incorrect. How can I verify?


Here is a website with price information.

Here is some information to check your Node Virtual


Thanks Jamie, really appreciate the response.

Everything is running, thanks for that, but is there a way to check the security specifically, like to ensure no one can access the server etc.?

Or is it basically, if it’s working it was set up correctly because otherwise it wouldn’t work at all?

Your virtual node is only as strong (read secure) as the linux distro you installed it on. If you followed the VPS installation instructions then you would have installed your vNode on Ubuntu 19.10. Make sure you keep your system up-to-date and if you really are worried about security then keep watch on security blogs and read articles on how to harden your OS install.

In reality, I personally wouldn’t be too worried about this as your coins are not actually stored on your vNode but instead staked against it (if I understand correctly).


@Joe_Moffett@Jared’s answer is correct that nodes do not store your coins. the coins are “stored” on the incognito blockchain.

in fact, the wallet mobile app also doesn’t store your coins. the wallet is more like a keychain. it has a set of “keys” that open a few “locks” on the incognito ledger. once these locks are opened, the wallet can see previous incoming and outgoing transactions (technical terms, UTXO), calculates the balance, and displays the balance as a single number in the app.

it may be helpful to explain how keys work in incognito. different from ethereum or bitcoin, which only offers a pair of public key and private key, incognito offers 5 different keys. you can see them by going into settings in your wallet.


we think having different keys for different purposes is a better design. one key for everything is just too dangerous. in the context of your question, there are two keys that you need to watch.

the validator key lives on your node. its only permission is to get a work permit to work in a committee and build new blocks. you cannot spend funds with validator key. so, if your server is compromised and the hacker gets a hold of your validator key, there is not much the hacker can do. the hacker can’t spend your money.

the private key lives in your wallet. it doesn’t live on your node or your server. its purpose is for spending your funds. you want to keep it safe. so please back it up :slight_smile:.


but you can only unstake once vnode provides liquidity so if your vnode is compromised, are your staked PRV stuck?

No this is not true.

Let’s say your server is hacked and you lose access to it. You could spin up a new VPS and host a node. Now you just point the app to that new node instance and you’d be fine.


are there some helpful easy to deploy security tools that can be easily deployed on VPS? Perhaps someone could provide some links to useful resources?

If you purchased your VPS from a main provider you should be good to go.

Routinely make sure your system is updated with
Apt-get update
Apt-get upgrade
Apt-get dist-upgrade

Afterwards make sure docker is running your node(s) properly with
Docker ps

Again, the safety and security of your VPS is NOT a big concern. See if your provider offers a dashboard to check on resource usage. You should be able to use a dashboard to confirm there is nothing suspicious going on.

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