Troubles adding vnode to Incognito app.

I have just set up a cloud server with Vultr following this tutorial: How to host a Virtual Node
The server seams to have be successfully running incognito validation (although I’m a complete noob with servers, is running and there is plenty of traffic over port 9334.)
I added the virtual node by it’s IP address, as shown in the tute.
However, when I added this vnode, the app did not locate my private key accordingly. When i press on the “Run a node” button, this is what I see! Screenshot_20210412-110206|1080x1920, 20%
There is no name given to the node (should be anon, given that keys belong to this) and there is no option to stake the 1750prv. Any attempt to manually import keys gives me the error “This keychain already exists on this device”.
Could somebody please tell me where i fucked up?
What Info would you need to diagnose this or am I just naively mistaken.


I’m an Idiot, typo with my IP address… very embaressing