Transparency update - 18/03/2021

Hey guys, Chucky here.

Many of you have shared valid concerns with us about a lack of transparency, clarity, and decentralization in the project. We’ve spent time looking hard at our plans and priorities, and where we’re allocating resources. It’s clear that in our rush to build cool things, we also haven’t done nearly enough to communicate with you.

So, we’re pausing most layer-2 development, increasing our communication, and focusing on decentralization to release the network safely. We’ve also created a new category for you to keep up with all of these efforts: Progress

Finally, we’ll be keeping on top of your concerns and questions, and I’ll answer them in a weekly roundup post just like this one.

Below are some of the latest concerns and questions that have been brought up:

Latest issues and concerns:

  • Issue: There is a lack of transparency and decentralization.
    Status: Responded to, fix in progress.
    Responsible dev: @duc
    Link: State of Decentralization

  • Concern: The status and future of the Privacy Quest is unclear.
    Status: Solved, Privacy Quest finale planned.
    Responsible dev: @binh
    Link: The end of the Privacy Quest

  • Concern: Some layer-2 developments are hindering important progress
    Status: Solved, layer-2 developments have been paused to focus on communication and releasing the network.
    Responsible dev: @andrey
    Link: Incognito 2021 - Transparency, decentralization, and infrastructure

  • Concern: Node production takes resources from important network development, which doesn’t fit our new development priorities.
    Status: Solved, Node production halted, outstanding orders addressed.
    Responsible dev: @Peter
    Link: Node orders suspended, production halted

  • Concern: It’s not clear what parts of Incognito are open or closed source.
    Status: Unsolved, post in progress.
    Responsible dev: @duc
    Link: Coming soon

Latest questions:

Before we get to these questions, you should know that the first iteration of the FAQ is live!

Do you like it? Do you think it’s crap? @Ducky needs your feedback. Share your thoughts here to help her help you. Now, for the latest hot Q&A:

That’s it for this round! Constructive comments and genuine questions are always more than welcome. Feel free to add any concern or question that was not covered in this post in the comments section below.

Thanks everyone!


Thank you @Chucky for the posting…I think that indeed this posting with its associated links will be very helpful to clarify standings of different areas of the project and avoid alot of misapprehension that had formented within the community…be aware that continued updates to this posting is important and well hopefully this will curtail the amount of issues facing the Incog team…but indeed a good start with this posting thank you once again… :sunglasses:


This post it’s pleasant to read :sparkles:

Great to see the team is so hardworking and focused! Thank you for everything :smile_cat:


Thanks for your words @Tempestblack It means alot. I believe that will be the case as well. Instead of continously updating this post, every week ill be making a new one so you guys can keep track of the current progress.

And thank you too @Estem, Indeed we are very focused and thanks to community feedback we can now fully focus on what really matters.


Thanks for this! Appreciate the poll and appreciate the fact you guys are on it💙