Translate PRV pitch deck (Español): 400 PRV

Where my polyglots at?

One of our focuses this quarter is to get the word out about PRV. That includes telling potential investors about Incognito, and why its native token is awesome.

This Wanted ad is for Español.

Reward: 400 PRV

If you are interested in taking on this translation task, please reply to this topic with:

1. Your translation of slide 6 and 20
2. Any other writing or translation samples you have

And if you know anyone who might be keen – send them our way!

The core team speaks a bunch of languages, but not all of them, so if anyone from the community wants to be a reviewer, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the applications.

Here are the slides.

If you have any questions, you know the drill. Just post them as a reply to this topic.

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I will start translation asap if approved!

Some of the translations i have done in spanish for Incognito. And currently doing the whitepaper as well, quite extensive will be done within the week and i can have the slides ready for today or early morning tomorrow.

Translation of slide 6:

Incognito toma un enfoque diferente,
basado en la premisa de que las personas
no quieren una nueva criptomoneda con privacidad.
Lo que realmente quieren es privacidad para sus
criptomonedas existentes.

Translation of slide 20:

Económicas del token

El suministro total de 100M
esta diseñado para favorecer
aquellos que trabajan para la red,
no para pre-venta a especuladores.

Precio en el pDEX a partir del 4 de marzo de 2020.

5M pre-minados
Comprados por el equipo por $1M, lo cual ha sido usado
para auto-financia el proyecto.

95M recompensa por bloque
Siendo minado por mas de 40 años. El total de la recompensa por bloque en el primer año es de 8.7M PRV. Las recompensas por bloque son reducidas por 9% cada año.

7.9M Suministro en circulación.
2.9M fueron minados en el primer mes por validadores y los 5M mencionados arriba.

Sin ICO. Sin financiación de capital riesgo


Cool, Chucky! All yours :slight_smile:

Will PM you with the editable file etc. Let me know your ETA!

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Hey @ning im around, feel free to reach out on TG.

Translation done and sent to @ning on telegram.

translation received :100: and reward sent to @chucky!

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