Transaparency update 26/03/2021

Hey guys, Chucky here.

In last week’s transaparency update, I shared that many of you have valid concerns with us about a lack of transparency, clarity, and decentralization in the project. I decided to do a second one like it due to the amount of questions being asked.

And as you know, we’ve created a new category for you to keep up with all of these efforts called Progress. I’m also really glad to see many of you bringing up concerns and solutions in the Brainstorm category :muscle: Keep it up!

Below are some of the latest concerns and questions that have been brought up:

Latest issues and concerns:

Latest questions:

  • Q: Since pNodes are going to be discontinued, what will happen to funded staking on pnodes?
    A: @duc assured me that we will continue to honor funded staking for pNodes, but are still figuring out what will happen with the process in the long run.

  • Q: My node shows offline on the app but its working just fine. Whats going on?
    A: @Sang_Nguyen and @0xkumi are working on providing more info for both pNodes and vNodes while also correcting the app messages. (ETA: First week of april).

  • Q: @Thriftinkid Had a bunch of questions. Including but not limited to: How many nodes does the Incognito team run?
    A: @aaron sheds some light on us mortals and gives us a series of excelent answers. There is excellent discussion ongoing about this topic in that thread.

  • Q: When will Incognito be integrated into the Signal messaging app?
    A: @andireuter needs testers! Hes currently conducting UAT (User acceptance tests). If you own an Iphone and would like to help with testing check this post.

  • Q: @Thomas_Edible asked how you can check unshielding fees for a certain currency outside the app and if Incognito is a ponzi scheme.
    A: I (@Chucky) answered on which tools to use and why Incognito is not a Ponzi scheme (according to us team members, that is).

And that’s it for now! Constructive criticism and genuine questions are always more than welcome. Feel free to add any concern or question that was not covered in this post in the comments section below.

Thanks everyone!


Is andrey actually a dev / coder? I have looked on his github and it is empty. His background searchable says he is a marketing person.

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Neither. He is a decoder :joy: